[Inka-Subs] Sazae-san - Episode 00001

2021-04-01 11:52 UTC
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What's the video source?

darkcart (uploader)

@sameer Amazon webrip
thx & best of luck
We'll have it all done by this time next year.
wow that's some plan. saw you people's site, feeling very excited to see more.
Cool... April's fool for a year. Nice one dude, lke it!
I accept the claim that all other projects are canceled is an April Fool's joke, but you suckers better be serious about subbing this show!
I used to watch this show every week in Japan! I later found a VHS with some episodes on it somebody taped circa 1989, because it has ads for Michael Keaton Batman.
Dude. This is the best anime EVER, yo! It's so good, it's been airing since 1969! That's way longer than the Simpsons!
Still not as old as you, Nora. : )
This is certainly interesting, thanks for this
Thanks a lot guys!!
I sensed the meme with the leading zeros :p