[Some-Stuffs] K-On!! 07 (BD 1080p HEVC) [A946E665].mkv

2021-04-01 09:49 UTC
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Well, since this is the third year in a row we're doing this, we're just gonna lay all the cards on the table right away this time: Yes, this is an April Fools release. No, the fact that it is an April Fools release does not mean that we treated this any less seriously than any other release. In fact this might be the single fanciest release we've ever put out thanks to the typesetting (Huge thanks to The0x539 with that.) This is a BIT different from our previous April Fools releases insofar as K-On! is a series we've ACTUALLY been working on, as opposed to the random episodes of Pokémon 97 and Advanced Generation we did the last two years, which were just... random episodes we did for the meme. You can think of this as a preview for what our K-On! batch will eventually look like when we're done with it all. We can't promise that everything in this episode will stay 100% the same for the final batch, because Toa and I have been known to make tweaks to stuff up till the last possible second and there were a couple of signs that there just wasn't time to work out, but for the most part, this is the kind of quality you can expect from our full release, slated for... When It's Done(TM). Why would we make SEASON 2 EPISODE 7 our preview release rather than the first episode or something? Because doing episode 1 would make entirely too much sense. Obviously. At least we picked an episode that is pretty much standalone though. This release uses the official subs as a starting point, as looking at the different releases available we felt that one had the best balance of accuracy and good character-writing. It was in places somewhat overlocalized and inconsistent, but we've been working quite extensively on cleaning the script up, so that should no longer be a concern. We have also at times referenced Frostii's and CoalGuys's work. We figured that if we were going to resub an old series that already has multiple complete releases as-is, we might as well use every source available to us to make our release the best that it could be. Original translation: David Fleming Translation check: Lord Starfish Editing: Toa of Gallifrey Timing: Lord Starfish Typesetting: The0x539 (And also a little bit by Lord Starfish but heavy emphasis on "a little bit".) Encoding: Puto Special thanks: bluesun, the teams at Frostii and CoalGuys, and Elysium and AzureDark whose translations of the opening and ending songs we also referenced at parts

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  • [Some-Stuffs] K-On!! 07 (BD 1080p HEVC) [A946E665].mkv (567.3 MiB)
Great work, looking forward to the full batch!
Great work! Thank you ~
Nice, looking forward to the completed batch.
Yeahhh, nice, I'll wait for the full batch