[VCB-Studio] Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel III.spring song 10-bit 1080p HEVC BDRip [Early Release]

2021-03-31 06:33 UTC
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4.6 GiB
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![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2021/03/31/FSN_HF3_800px.jpg) Gekijouban Fate/stay night: Heaven`s Feel III.spring song BDRip 劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] III.spring song」 BDRip 10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC, MKV format. ~ 4.61 GB. Official ENG + JPN PGS. ***We are doing the full package with all relevant contents, and this file will be the same as the main movie in the final release.***

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  • [VCB-Studio] Fate ⁄ stay night Heaven's Feel III - spring song [Ma10p_1080p][x265_flac].mkv (4.6 GiB)
it's here... finally.... thank you very much!
f****** asshole VCB-Studio......Fu**** good. Fu**** thankkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu VCB-Studio. you guys are the best
Thank you so much!!!!! Sakura best girl
Any idea when is 4K coming?
does this have the epilogue
FINALLY!!! I'm so fucking excited to watch this masterpiece! Thanks a lot, VCB! Cheers!!
what a fucking chad. thanks fam
Oh my god. You've done well, VCB!
Yep...I'm thinking anime is saved. Thank you.
Will you also do Animation Materials? That'd very much helpful
I’ve seen enough, I’m satisfied. For real though we are very grateful
Will wait for full package. Need to experience the whole thing in and out!
I'm waiting for Beatrice-Raws to do a release so I can watch it, they did amazing job on the first 2 movies
Guys, how is the quality on this?
Thank you very much!
You're sure it's a BDrip? It's only 4.6 Gb
@NukeManiuc Already excellent quality, but if you want something a bit better, you can still wait for full releases. But this is already gorgeous. Also the sound is perfect.
@Poopleor It's not the RAW it's litteraly ripped from the bluray so yeah, it is.
YOOO THANKS MAN. i hope you also upload the camelot movie in april 21
Can you upload the raw bluray at some point?
@XD_W4RI0R what do you mean by 4k? is there even going to be a 4k release
@NekoTrix From the bolded comment I assume this will be the same as the final release, +CDs, SPs, external audio tracks, etc.
@komorebi-group It seems that VCB-S has not released any raw Blu-ray, and thus hard to believe they would release any raw Blu-rays any time soon :(
there are english subs. right click your video player and see if there's a dropdown to change the subtitles and you should see the english subs
@DiscoDog The English subs is embedded as the second sub, you should be able to choose in your player.
Please upload the BDMV
Help! Is this can be played at android ??? What apk do you use to watch It?
Is this Japanese audio?
lets fucking GOOOOOOO
debating whether or not to watch this version or wait for the better one, probably one of my hardest life choices..
I love that this is so popular, we get it here on jp's release day <3 bless @Adachii I was thinking the same, I'm going to watch this version because the wait has been long enough, and it's BD 1080p anyway, and later on rewatch when beatrice raws releases its version (plus need the OST for my fate soundtrack playlist)
@Marsha Yes, this can be watched on Android. I used VLC.
Just watched the first 2 mins, I don't see any problem quality vise. For those debating to wait or no, just watch this. You won't get a better one.
Thank you! We need the OST too (flac)
Thanks for the upload
Hey, can someone please explain what "Early release" means? Thanks
@pepiiiuwu read the last line in the description.
@Kazumato thank you, but what exactly are the contents missing in this release? the OST?
@pepiiiuwu Go on a online shop and see for yourself what's missing. That's what I did. It has a bonus DVD with extra stuff, like the OST, greetings from the staff, illustrated booklet, special booklet, thank you from the cast.
does anyone know how to change my profile picture?
thx !!!! so excited for ur upload!!
Shit subs for a shit movie. How fitting.
@sterben915 Yes, encoded from the JP's release audio track. @Hyrulia They would release them soon as the last line indicates I believe :)
Waited too long for this movie, might as well wait for decent subs. Thanks for release though
did I just agree with Interruptor in something?
Imagine not agreeing with Interruptor.
why is this rip so small? is this really the best quality 1:1 with the BD?
its a re-encode?
YES waiting forever on this. Too long. Thanls for upload and subs
Whats this epilogue @brokerboy36 mentioned? Is it included? Don't want to watch it if its missing something supposed to be included.
there's nothing missing if you're just interested in watching the movie. vcb uploads usually come with the bonus stuff like soundtracks and booklet scans. if you just want to watch the movie then there's nothing wrong with this torrent at all
@ecchigo There is no epilogue
Thanks for this! Quality encode.
Hello, can someone please tell me if there's an option to watch it without subtitles? Are the subtitles inevitably shown on the screen or are they something that you can choose to turn on or off?
@kotominekirei download MKVtoolnix and you can remove the subtitles file from the video this is what i am using to remove dual audio and make it single audio
@Haru9 Thanks! It worked perfectly well.
Subtitles can be turned off in media player.
so I haven't seen the previous movies yet, was waiting for part 3 to come out and now I'm gonna binge watch all 3 movies I've heard Heaven's Feel is the darkest of the main 3 routes, hell I thought UBW was pretty dark, hopefully my heart is ready for this... me in front of the mirror : fight! fight! fight! thanks for the uploader for this!!!!
Any update on when the full package will be available? I was holding on watching this in hope I can watch with the epilogue at once, which is from my understanding is not included yet.. is there a chance it comes out in a couple of days, or I should just give up on it? Thx..
Are the subs any good?

VCB-Studio (uploader)

The epilogue does not exist in the first place, so there's nothing important missing in this torrent. We are waiting for our friends in Airota to make the sub, but it will be in Chinese. So it's probably less interesting for English readers. Subs in this release come from official BD. It's minimally acceptable.
Much appreciated !
So there is no Normal Ending on the BR? ..damn.. there is some misinformation going on. and disappointed by ufotable for once, I was so sure they'd add that as an extra, they even made alternate ending for UBW, and it'd have took like 5 more minutes of content, easy on the budget. Anyway, thanks for the reply, then Im just going to watch it..
I am so glad that they used the fake ending. Didn't want to experience the true ending again.
@Wendigo Dude, you wanted to see the Normal Ending animated? Do you hate yourself that much?
Interruptor best girl .-.
Everyone knows the best viewing experience is a cam rip. BTW; Marry Sakura, Fuck Rider, Kill Rin What would you do?
I'm sure Beatrice Raws for the previous two movies, and this release for this final movie (at least until Beatrice Raws puts out their version) are great for video and audio quality and all, but why are there no actual fansubs for these movies? I know from experience that official subs almost invariably have a bunch of noticeable and annoying mistakes, missing lines etc etc, and I'm sure these will be no different...It saddens me that fansubbers are more or less dying out these days...Being used to UTW's level of quality for the UBW series, having to settle for official subs for these movies gets me down...
Never mind, watched the movies, and the subs were fine, at least the releases I mentioned.
can you also upload the camelot movie that released today lol
still waiting for this. just raw is fine too https://anime.fate-go.jp/ep6-movie/wandering/bddvd/
@achura They did use the true ending, though, lol.
hello. does anybody have news regarding the final release?
noo they didnt animate the actual ending, i guess its better this way ;-;