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2021-03-27 01:26 UTC
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![pic](https://files.catbox.moe/dlkvb4.png) Jujutsu Kaisen - 21. Jujutsu Koshien More information about the subtitles, contributions, progress updates and all the scripts utilized in the making of this release can be found on the project's [GitHub repository](https://github.com/notdedsec/Jujutsu-Kaisen). If mini-encodes are your thing, there's a smaller release available with similar filtering, muxed with these same subtitles on our website, [AnimeKaizoku](https://animekaizoku.com/jujutsu-kaisen-40748/). Do leave feedback in the comments and report any issues you come across so they can be fixed for the batch. [Mediainfo](https://nekobin.com/sovavikidu) | [Comparisons](https://slow.pics/c/GNjvDSzp) | [GitHub](https://github.com/notdedsec/Jujutsu-Kaisen) | [Discord](http://discord.animekaizoku.com/) | [Telegram](http://telegram.animekaizoku.com/)

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  • [Kaizoku] Jujutsu Kaisen - 21 [C8E275A3].mkv (817.0 MiB)
like the baseball player card signs
for an episode that many people labeled as a filler, those card signs are in fact the only things that are not canon. anyway, we couldn't catch up to the latest. ~~i would've honestly been surprised if we did.~~ final arc and batch will hopefully be released sometime next week.
Planning on doing the movie next year? lol
Thanks for the hard work :) I started watching the show after you started putting out releases and they've all been super high quality. I'm only on episode 16 so I'm not sure if you fixed this later on, but there's a typo in the second ED. It says "Tomorrorw" instead of "Tomorrow"
yeah this [issue](https://github.com/notdedsec/Jujutsu-Kaisen/issues/1) was reported on git and has been fixed.
Awesome, didn't realize there was a GitHub page (probably should've looked at the links lol). If I noticed anything else, I'll report it there.
amazing works. will you pick up any other shows after JJK?
there is one show i really wanna work on next season but i'm hoping it gets taken up by a more competent group. i might do something about it if no one picks it up or if it ends up getting a mediocre release.