[MTBB] Mushoku Tensei – Jobless Reincarnation - 09

2021-03-26 14:30 UTC
#MTBB on Rizon
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[Mushoku Tensei](https://myanimelist.net/anime/39535/Mushoku_Tensei__Isekai_Ittara_Honki_Dasu), episode 9. There is an alternate honorifics track in this release. Set your media player to play “enm” language tracks by default to automatically play honorifics tracks. Again, I changed the term "Superd" to "Sperd" for a variety of reasons. I apologize for any confusion this causes. Please leave feedback in the comments, good or bad. It is recommended that you use [mpv](https://mpv.io/), or [MPC-HC](https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases/tag/1.9.8) with XySubFilter or AssFilterMod, to watch this and other releases of mine. **Anyone wanting to do their own release is free to use any part of this torrent without permission or credit.**

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  • [MTBB] Mushoku Tensei - 09 [562FF8B5].mkv (1.0 GiB)
Right when I was looking for the next episode. Thanks bro.
Thanks a lot. Hope you are doing well bro
Bless up, thank you based motbob.
Who's your translator check?
It's (presumably still) Areki actually, I just did the songs.
Makes sense, thanks. shit ecchi anime btw
Thank you, hope you'redoing well
are you going to do all the eps ?
been waiting for this, thanks motbob!
> Again, I changed the term “Superd” to “Sperd” for a variety of reasons. Manga follows Superd or Sperd?
Both the official and not official manga and light novel follow the term Superd, NOT Sperd. For a variety of reasons, doesnt not feel right to me, why the change? There is clearly an "U", even when you hear the term from the VAs.
Duh, of course you hear a "U". That's how Japanese works.
The Inferior Sperd VS the Superior Superd. Don't be a simple sheep, join the Superd.
I believe in superd supremacy
How about Speld (spelled)? First time I've seen so many variations of spelling for a race. Anyways Motbob must be busy. Life sucks, when's teatime with Nanahoshi?
I've only been watching these releases. I know what it's like to release subtitled anime, but could you for example be able to release the next episode within a week or so? I usually watch this when working out. I like this show so much!
you watch anime when you work out?
Yes, I do while I use my rowing machine. It's an excellent use of time since I have very little spare time.
Rest of the episodes when?
when they are done:tm:
My uncle works for motbob and told me there will be no new episodes subbed.
Guess it's a good thing I haven't started watching this show yet huh
Any reason why he won't be doing 2 more episodes? I'd still wait even if it takes a month or two.
If you're referring to my comment, it was a joke.
That's a relief. Good thing I decided to wait for it.
And when the world needed him the most... he vanished.
@Hime_Takamura First time?
@graydenn Buster Scruggs?
why is it recommended to use mpv or MPC-HC on their releases??? so vlc isn't recommended???
Vlic isn't recommended for years.
Nobody uses vlc anymore (personally I never used it, went from cccp under windows to kodi under windows then under linux)
Hey, I hope you're doing well. Really looking forward to your next Mushoku Tensei release!
It's still alive! https://nyaa.si/view/1405333#com-5