[SCY-Circle] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC)

2021-03-25 17:52 UTC
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**- 1080p -** Audio Track 1: Japanese 2.0 FLAC Subtitle Track 1: English Dialogue [SCY-Circle] (.ASS) ___ **Encode:** Scyrous **TL:** Soul **Timing:** gsk_ **TLC:** Anon-Tachi **Edit:** luvsick **TS:** gsk_, Anon-Tachi (nameplate sign) **KFX:** Anon-Tachi **QC:** basheer_naimi, tehshower After seeing how the film didn't have any subs, we started working on this project a few months ago. A big shout out to the team for the excellent work. Special thanks goes to Anon for KFX and TS help, JohnnyZB, Solaufein and Zastin for additional QC, and KazuyaShuu for coming in clutch and editing a font for us when we needed it. Filtering: rescaling, anti-aliasing, dehaloing, adaptive denoising, debanding and adaptive grain. 1080p elements were filtered separately. The source is a bilinear 864p upscale, and despite the rather noticeable noise, it's quite easy to denoise without destroying much detail. Additionally, we included the original 3.0 audio track in the torrent for those that want it. For the sake of compatibility, the movie encode itself uses the 2.0 stereo track. Enjoy!

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Great Circle it was!
if only this wasn't a trash series...
Finally. Thanks a ton! Best release
would have prefer a movie, but i'll take a rewatch
@Maana Are you blind? This is a movie!!
@vanquisher whoops mistook this for flat it's been awhile, my bad
Been waiting for this. Thanks.
Fucking Blessed Thanks!
Been waiting for this for a long time! Thank y'all!
Thanks for this!


Thanks! Just watched this and the song subs before the credits starting at 1:39:21 were overlapping and unreadable. Everything seemed good aside from that.