[Mushin] Shirobako The Movie (BD 1080p x265-10Bit FLACx2 DTS) AMATEUR English Sub

2021-03-18 03:18 UTC
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Warning & Explain !!! ![](https://upload.bitfeed.co/5d1b186fdc7f6-shirobako-anime) Hello! FRIENDS Toriaezu toriaezu toriaezu For now. For now. For now Yatte miyouya tte miyouya tte miyou Let's try. Let's try. Let's try Tsukurimashou tsukurimashou Let's make it. Let's make it. Anime jimaku wo tsukurimashou Let's make an Anime subtitles Eigo jimaku wo tsukurimashou Let's make an English subtitles Tsukurimashou tsukurimashou Let's make it. Let's make it. I came this once, I have to bite the bullet that it was a very hard job for a 2-hour film with a lot of dialogue and technical vocabulary. But for the girls in Shiboraku, I'll try my best. I did AMATEUR SUBBED for FREE and SHARE FOR FRIENDS. "Don't worry for a VOLUNTEER who does something willingly and without being forced or paid to do it." Of course I used tools to help translation maybe wrong Grammar.(even used best software grammarly and ginger software and other) TL: My Skill + BYG-RAWS + (Google TL, AI TL,Book Eng& Japan, Web Dic.&Grammar, Internet tool, Etc.) TLC: Mushin Edit: Mushin Timing: Mushin Encode: Mushin QC: Mushin Of course, maybe have mistranslate because it was a very hard. Yes, please! Don’t wait for improve it. Also you are feel free to use, modify edit or whatever with my releases. For those who need subtitle only please find by yourself at (https://animetosho.org/) with the name file or Mushin. I hope Fan Anime this Enjoy & Fun PS. For anyone who doesn't dare take risks by watching my sub, please don't download it and wait for official Sub or professional Sub. It for people who " REALLY NEED ". YOSORO!. [Mushin] Shirobako The Movie (BD 1080p x265-10Bit FLACx2 DTS).mkv Video Credit [Moozzi2] Gekijouban Shirobako (BD 1920x1080 x265-10Bit 3Audio) - Movie + Tokuten BD Format : HEVC Duration : 2 h 0 min Bit rate : 4 557 kb/s Width : 1 920 pixels Height : 1 080 pixels Bit depth : 10 bits Stream size : 3.82 GiB (71%) Audio #1 encode DTH HD To FLAC Format : FLAC Bit rate : 602 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Bit depth : 24 bits Compression mode : Lossless Stream size : 518 MiB (9%) Language : Japanese Audio #2 encode DTH HD To FLAC Format : FLAC Bit rate : 1 026 kb/s Channel(s) : 8 channels Bit depth : 16 bits Stream size : 882 MiB (16%) Language : Japanese Audio #3 Format : DTS Bit rate : 255 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Bit depth : 24 bits Stream size : 219 MiB (4%) Title : DTS 2ch [ Commentary ] Language : Japanese Subtitles Format: ASS Language: English Chapters: Included

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  • [Mushin] Shirobako The Movie (BD 1080p x265-10Bit FLACx2 DTS).mkv (5.4 GiB)
really ty for your hard work. I will maybe use your translation to help us in our translation in French
Thank you very much my besto friendo!
Your work is much appreciated!
Yeah, no. I don't think I can deal with that grammar.
TL: My Skill + BYG-RAWS + (Google TL, AI TL,Book Eng& Japan, Web Dic.&Grammar, Internet tool, Etc.) lol. Delete this if you have any self respect. Shitting out a terrible translation is worse than having no translation available. @Arcedo You'd use a horrible mix of machine translated garbage with hideous grammar because the uploader doesn't even know English well enough to construct a comprehensible sentence? I am sorry for those who watch your releases then.
And I'm sorry for people who don't know what to do with their free time and instead of making something better came here only to complain. Use this time more productively and stop bellitering anyone for FREE FANSUBBING. don't like - don't watch as no one cares about your "shitty" opinion but probably you're not interested in anime itself but trying only to provoke others I'm not an english native speaker, I know I make mistakes but it doesn't mean I will seat quiet reading insolent comments like yours.
imagine grabbing mtl when a real fansub group is currently doing it lmao
Kyaaa! Thank you!
I find this entire torrent to be an offense to intelligence overall. There should be a minimum standard for uploading translated stuff. You are extremely dumb and ignorant, because your horrible machine translated garbage will probably be used by scrapers for countless idiots to see, those who watch piracy streaming sites. Which means this shit is gonna be how they experience the film, how the interact with the story, what they actually understand out of it. The same people who rate this stuff online and share opinions on the forums. It's a domino effect and you could have prevented this without uploading something that you can't even translate well-enough yourself, let alone in coherent English. If people like you stopped for a moment, pondering if their efforts will amount to something actually useful for anyone, the world would be a better place. Definitely one without MT garbage and Camrips at the very least. P.S. the old trite argument "don't bash it because it's free" is logically asinine, because it doesn't invalidate what I typed in the slightest.
Oh, we have an oracle among us..... Mushin, i do not know your method, maybe it is insignificant what i write. -original TL can be shit- Sometimes i TL from english to my native, bcs i was not satisfied with the provided fansub, bcs they did not learn their own language and ignored all contexts .When i do TL, i always watch the video, i never even tried to TL the text alone. It will prevent a lot of mistakes . Once i met the worst TL, Two words only...But it killed the whole thing. Classroom scene, classrep says, STAND, BOW. The TL says Bow-as archery weapon, Stand-as scaffolding I still have all of your Strike the blood eps. Thank you.
Shirobako deserves better. ;-;
Do it better or shut up. If you can not, do not complain, if you can do it better, why you did not anything?
I wonder if it hurts being this stupid, Mister Martinxk. I guess not. After all, as the old adage goes "ignorance is bliss".
What a horrible explanation. Did you translate that to from your native language. To many grammar mistake just from reading your explanation. Don't know if I can tolerate it when watching this sub.
@KRandroid On different languages same words carry different meaning. Jus for the note, i never learned english in school, but... Understanding a language have nothing to do with where are you born. Just need a common sense, what a lot of people missing. Reverse translating never could be good, This was an explanation, not a translation. I just tried to make a bridge over different languages to show you, native speakers can be as stupid and undereducated as you see the foreigners.
It seems a few of the people here are unfamiliar with Mushin's work . While it may not be perfect "Queen's English" , Mushin usually produces uploads that others just plain don't but his work is then frequently used as a framework that can easily be upgraded to an easier for native English speakers to follow version .I am very grateful that Mushin at least bothers even though from time to time commenters heap him with abuse for making an effort and trying . Doing things like this is also a good learning experience and will , in time , help improve the quality of the translator's English language skills . Also , I suspect Mushin would be quite pleased should someone else offer to translation check / quality check his work . However , there are a lot of torrenting groups asking for such help without getting any responses .
@Mabby I agree.
@Mabby, do it better. @Father_Snrub, Against that sake, i am not native english speaker, i did not tolerate shit subs. but, what Mushin did, do not deserve so many shit comments.. Contrary to I'am against the best natural born (killers) ooops, spectators ... Please edit, correct what is wrong there, He can learn, bcs he is'nt stupid, just not an englishman.
I feel sorry for anyone that defends this garbage, but I guess if you're that stupid you deserve this
I was wondering why "Mushin" seemed familiar, I immediately remembered after seeing that description lol
Sentence case, punctuation, and mistranslation.. It really matters when they all add up. I think the movie deserves better and even though you put in hard work into it, it needs to be much improved. FYI, Captain Anime is rather Corporal Anime; Village Depopulation Girl can be Girl from a Marginal Hamlet; Yosoro, not Yousoro; Time Mus or Time Hippo, to be consistent... The line "She's back in her hometown and it's [not] possible to come" should be like "She's with her family and won't come back"... And IMO, it sounds sarcastic if you say "we're in trouble today" when you wanted to say "looking forward to" (for "yoroshiku"). Just to be clear, I didn't pour contempt on your pride, folks. I just chipped in my two cents. Hope someone help make it better.
I never said that I would have blind confidence in this amateur translation, it will only serve as a support if it is worthy of being, which I will judge for myself
"I came this once, I have to bite the bullet that it was a very hard job for a 2-hour film with a lot of dialogue and technical vocabulary. But for the girls in Shiboraku, I’ll try my best." Enjoy some Shiboraku y'all. Be warned though it contains a lot of technical vocabulary. Lmao @ the people that trust this ESL-MTL garbage when he can't even type out the movies name correctly, let alone form a coherent sentence.
FFS just QC and do a grammar check through the subs and release a V2 so that we can all have good English subs because it's clear whatever "fansub" groups are out there aren't doing shit for this movie, since it's been out for months and this is the first somewhat usable English subbed version of the movie.
There is a competent group of people working on it. It'll eventually happen, give it time.
Gonna need more than just a "Soon(tm)", given that it's been more than three months since the movie came out onto the net.
If your choice is waiting or watching this pile of dregs it doesn't seem like you have much of a choice.
I don't understand what's the ruckus about here. It is clearly tagged as AMATEUR subs and the post is full of warnings and disclaimers. OP is not pretending they made perfect translations for this. They are not trying to fool anyone. If you saw the AMATEUR in the title and read the disclaimers yet still expected quality translations on par with established fansubs, then that's on you. This is clearly just for those who cannot wait any longer they'd rather try to make sense of the machine translations with their limited japanese vocabulary and context clues, or those who would love to help translate the movie but don't have the time to make the subs entirely from scratch.
@HuckDFaters Amateur means you make no money by doing a thing, as compared to professional that means you're doing it as *gasp* your profession. Every fansub on here is amateur. The only professional subs you'll find are those ripped from streaming services, because they actually pay their translators.
@tokimeki doesn't matter. Even if the AMATEUR in the title doesn't tell you enough, all the warnings and the disclaimers in the post do. My point still stands. OP is not trying to fool you. OP did not promise to meet your standards of proper subs. OP properly set expectations. It's like you guys bought fast food advertised as fast food and are now complaining that it's not a one-star meal.
More like it's like we bought a bag of shit advertised as a bag of mc donalds.
It's more like the dude is serving FREE garbage in a place and you answer that people shouldn't be entitled to criticise it since it's free anyway. Have fun eating shit I guess. edit: also, no one (competent enough) will ever use this MT shit for anything other than a good laugh. It's useless and a waste of time. Using this as a base marks you as retarded, actually even worse than the uploader since you know how bad these subs are.
OP is not only not forcing you to watch it, they even warn you against it. >PS. For anyone who doesn’t dare take risks by watching my sub, please don’t download it and wait for official Sub or professional Sub. It for people who " REALLY NEED ". YOSORO!. If you still decided to download this despite reading that then that's on you. If you have no use for it then move along. >advertised as a bag of mc donalds. McDonalds advertisements don't sound like "If you want proper food then please don't eat this." >Have fun eating shit I guess. I'm not eating anything yet, and that's my point. I'm waiting for proper subs like most people and I didn't have to download this because the post lets me know this is not what I'm looking for. Understanding that means I don't feel the urge to come in here and shit on OP's efforts just to feel good about myself.
Instead you feel the urge to come in here and virtue signal and white knight the ESL OP, I understand.
I'm just here to support volunteer work and I don't want to see anyone quit over being shat on by people who the release isn't for in the first place. If there's even just one who found any purpose for this release, like reusing the timing for their own translation, then OP's efforts were already worth the trouble. The only people hurt by this release existing are the idiots who didn't read the post, or read it but are still dumb enough to expect proper subs. If this release isn't for you, you should've known right away. No surprises here.
Everyone that's not ESL is hurt already by just reading the OP, lmao.
It's insane how many people are braindead in the anime community. Seriously astounding. Like, their synapses just work differently than anyone else. Walking brick walls.
just go watch the one with spanish subs lol or learn japanese and watch the raws
Legend. Thanks a lot!
@Interruptor are you really calling someone braindead when you are being toxic like a fucking 12 year old on xbox?
What are all you fucking, shit headed morons bitching about? These subs are actually pretty good-why don't you look before shooting off the shitholes you call mouths?
yes the grammar is bad, no i'm not complaining in fact i'd thank him to provide us early subs rather than nothing at all. to those of you that complaining like a little kids, grow up and have patience pls. this is a free fansubs and you got no right to complain something that's given to you for free. take it or leave it, you don't like it? wait for better fansubs, if there's one working on it.
Thank you for the subs!
Thank you for your work! Better try to fansub this yourself than doing nothing and complaining about what others do
I'll still wait for a better release (everything in that description just puts me off), but thanks for the effort.
Thank you for your hard work!
this comment section is full of obese people screaming , if you dont want shit subs dont watch if you want it go ahead. fucking faggots lol guy added a desclaimer saying its bad. lmao, seethe redditors
@matheousse which group?
Sometimes our collective autism fights for good, or ill. In this comment section, it has come to die. Appreciate the effort, I got a little excited after all this time-- but I must wait for a true professional who takes this seriously, between their shifts at the local Adam & Eve refurbishment center.
Thanks for this. I know a little Japanese so maybe I will try to improve on your subs when I watch it.
@Asher please don't. This really doesn't need any more downloads or bumps. Just let it die
somebody please give the link only ass
@tokimeki that's pretty generic name to search for. Do they a discord/irc/website?
Jesus. I didn't get very far into this, but basically everything between the 10:00 - 11:00 mark is a mistranslation.
Came because Shirobako movie... (didn't download) Stayed (and laughed my ass off) at the bitch fest in the comment section. Fight you peasants, while we wait for a real translation to come.
Interruptor dude is based. Wait for a proper release from a fansub.
Implying that someone is really subbing this
thank you for subbing this, what a great movie I cried at the zuka dubbing scene. subs are great desu - romaji karaoke, TL notes. only saw 2 typos.
@flashmozzg looked up [gg] on nyaa and found this https://nyaa.si/user/ggkthx
@cw5b These are garbage Chinese -> English MTL subs made by somebody who can't string together a coherent sentence. You only think they're good because you don't know Japanese.
@Guncannon I disagree, these subs are perfectly fine if you know a bit of Japanese.
@cw5b that's like saying "eating shit is perfectly fine if you know how a good steak tastes"
There was a time when I was really picky about subtitles, when I would hold out for the perfect translation that wasn’t coming, when I would spend hours figuring out which subs I wanted to watch with, when I would lose my mind over typos, when I thought that name order was a matter of life and death. I call that period of my life “middle school”, because I was 14. Speaking with another decade behind me… Thank you so much for subbing this. I’m so glad that somebody had the kindness and passion to make this available to us English-speakers. I very much enjoyed watching it. Please ignore the entitled teenagers who have the gall to complain about the fruits of a herculean effort offered freely. I used to be them, so I know: their opinions are worth less than the dirt beneath your feet. In a few years, they’ll look back on how they behaved here, and they will be filled with shame. Thank you, Mushin.
@turtwig45 There was already a much better translation on this site when you wrote that (and now there's one even better than that one!), so I have no idea why you're thanking the guy. Like sure, I feel sorry too for all the shit the guy got (people really need to behave better online), but lets not pretend this is the only English subtitles available for this movie anymore. Cause it's really not. So let's just move on.
@Protagonist Because I watched this on a streaming site a while before that, and only when I went to actually download it did I find how horrible people were being to somebody who worked very hard to give us all something nobody else would for several more weeks. I felt the need then to express both my gratitude to Mushin and my contempt for the entitled brats who were abusing them.
You weebs are unsalvageable.
Not all heroes wear capes and not all heroes are equal. Some simply do fansub and those are the best heroes.
It's amazing how entitled some of y'all are. Waaaah waaaaah the fan made subs self labeled as garbage that I'm getting for free to watch a movie I'm also getting for free thanks to volunteer work isn't good enough so I'm gonna throw a tantrum. Jesus fucking christ grow up already and have to work for something for once in your lives.