Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time [English Subs] v1

2021-03-16 14:57 UTC
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Just the subs as they should appear in the actual movie, not synced to any camrip since there is none. Translated by fefemess and sackboy97 ENJOY

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  • Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time [English Subs] v1.srt (154.1 KiB)
Evangelion is so epic, that the subs are released even before camrip.
Deconstruction of pirating subs. As expected of the master Anno
@bassgs435 A man truly ahead of his time. Nay, a god. Genius. Pure genius. What do you think he meant by having the subs be released so early? It must be a comment on the nihilistic aspect of the industry and humanity in general, people so unwittingly eager for the demise of artistic expression and consciousness that they are willing to read through the subs without watching the movie itself. Stunning.
^lol I'm actually tempted to read just the subs. Wonder if it will diminish the experience watching the show later.
Of course not, spoiling yourself the entire script doesn't reduce the novelty in any kind of way. How could you even think such a thing? Goodness gracious.
who needs the movie when u can just read the script


Thank you, fefemess, very cool!
I lost it for a moment thinking there is a rip. Still MVP. Gonna make it less fumbling when some saint pulls out the whole camrip
If there's not a complete camrip of the movie yet how have you timed the subtitles?

fefemess (uploader)

@pgsmenyaa the source of the subtitles also had timings in it, that's where they come from. When a camrips comes we'll sync them to that
fefemess and sackboy out here spoiling themselves to give us subs before a camrip even exists. You da real MVPS
eva stuff never surprises me
What is the source of the subtitles?

fefemess (uploader)

@Arilando japanese subtitles for the deaf
thank you very much for this
Thank you so much for your service fefemess and sackboy97 o7
BRB flying to Japan to watch this shit in a theater with subs on a dim OLED screen
@pgsmenyaa @arilando Probably they used their cell phones as voice recorder for bypassing arresting danger.
Damn my lack of reading comprehension, thought that hoarder asshole finally released the full camrip. Why would I torrent the script? It was leaked on 4chan before the film even aired in Japan.
its like a light novel, why not?
Guys where is the movie? Pls I'm going insane ;_;
@Aless brulay ririsu kamingu 2025~ NAO BI EVANGERION FIGAZU GAIJIN
Lazy bums. Where is the cam rip you useless cancer seeding fucks? I neeeeeeeeeeed it!


Does anyone know how long it might take for a somewhat good quality torrent of the movie to come out? A month or a year?

fefemess (uploader)

@ixy we expect a bluray release in a year, maybe it's coming to prime sooner, maybe a camrip will pop up even sooner
@fefemess Do you have a Japanese sub file by any chance?
This is unreal. We waited near a full decade for this movie to be first of all even made and then finally released. Now not a soul in all of Japan was able to cam this and release it without being an actual scummy media pirate and selling it first? This is shameful. It may be sad to sit here and beg for even a crappy cam, but holy hell have the Eva faithful in the West waited in agony for this, and we're still waiting in agony.