[LCE] Ashita no Joe - 02 (WOWOW Prime) [1080p x264 AAC]

2021-03-07 23:37 UTC
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Here we are, two episodes in 2 days! In this episode's ED I noticed that for this remaster they were sourcing the footage from multiple versions. here's 3 consecutive frames from the ED, it appears they spliced two versions to remove the credits from it, but missed the start of the fade by 1 frame https://slow.pics/c/hizf90cn Looking for a TLC and an experienced editor to help out and improve these, if you want to volunteer contact me on discord: LuceoEtzio#1584

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  • [LCE] Ashita no Joe - 02 (WOWOW Prime) [1080p x264 AAC][ED1E474D].mkv (997.7 MiB)
Hope you haven't abandoned this, this is amazing work, ppl including me have been waiting for a proper release of ashita no joe for years, and it finally looks like we have an actual great remaster and great release of that, thanks you.
Please say you'll stay on top of uploading the episodes as they roll out. These look so pristine compared to that ancient DVD rip we've hade to settle for. They don't even need to be subbed, as long as we can get the footage out there i'll be happy.
Thanks a lot for sharing! Hope you'll continue with this project.
Yeah tbh if subbing is too much effort wise just get the raws out there and someone else will do the subbing at some point. Or you could dm the groups that did previous AnJ releases or releases of that era if they are interested
Yeah, just upload the raws please.
That's so sick.. Thanks! Wouldn't mind raws either :)