[Tangmen] Douluo Continent / Soul Land / Douluo Dalu / 斗罗大陆 - 26 [WEB 1080p][H264 AAC][Multi-Subtitle]

2021-03-05 15:37 UTC
Discord @bex39#9474
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Video: H264/AVC 8bit 1080p - Ripped from WeTV (Clean version without chinese hardsub) Audio: AAC ~96kbps Subs: English ASS with multiple SRT (English, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional) ![Douluo Continent](https://i.imgur.com/wNwj9vn.jpg) More Info: https://mydramalist.com/33701-douluo-continent Download Sub only: https://subscene.com/subtitles/douluo-continent-live-action-soul-land-douluo-dalu *Sorry for delay, I have a job irl from monday-friday. Editing 1 eps subtitle took me 1-2 hours, If you can’t wait, you can watch at wetv, and grab this for archival purpose :)*

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  • [Tangmen] Douluo Continent - 26 (WEB 1080p H264 AAC) [FAED5D02].mkv (604.6 MiB)
Have we reached the 1 release a week and are up to current releases ? how sad lol
Thanks bex39, to my opinion, you are "the best uploader" of this live action series.
__@emerys__, You don't understand how much he needs to do, we're talking around 900-1000+ lines he has to re-time, it takes hours and I know it since I helped a little bit with Episode 09. If it wasn't for my busy schedule including my Douluo Dalu Remaster Project, I would be helping him for sure! Just let him release them slowly, not everyone has the whole day and the fact that he's releasing them anyway, be gateful is all I can say and ohh hell I am grateful, and I hope you could be one of them too! I mean, this guy even helps me with the subs for the weekly releases of the donghua! __@Hawkeye007__, I so totally agree with you! I need to catch up lol, still need to watch 09 >x<
I think you totaly missed the meaning of my comment, i was simply asking if the releases in China are weekly and we can only get 1 episode a week. i had noticed we got a bunch episodes ..and now 1 a week. I know a little bit about the process of translations, i've assisted in some series.