MOGRA GLITTERR No.001 2021-02-28 360p

2021-02-28 11:09 UTC
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GLITTERR No.001 2021-02-28 Anison party "GLITTERR" to enjoy Sunday more! It will take an anime song that will push your back for a week. Get well and give me courage. I'm a little depressed, but I've been moved by the anime! DJ chooses anison that moves your feelings! On the big screen, there is a video production that matches the moment! Minors and club beginners are also welcome ♪ Get excited on the floor with everyone, talk with friends in the lounge ... If you want to boost yourself, you have to do this! Give yourself a ultra boost with music for the upcoming week, with US! ■Guest DJ mopp ■GLITTERR Crew OROCHI / Canary / 琴山田 / 飛鳥 / yakiya そる / ふーりん Donations to Club Mogra: Don’t forget to go to Club Mogra and buy lots of drinks to support them the next time you’re in Tokyo

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  • MOGRA GLITTERR No.001 2021-02-28 360p.mp4 (1.8 GiB)
would be nice if you could increase the audio bitrate a bit. 64kbps doesnt sound very good and they do seem to broadcast at a higher rate too

dutchcatfriend (uploader)

I'm aware of this problem. The streaming service Mogra uses sets fixed audio bitrates for video qualities: 360p = 64kb/s 480p = 192kb/s ... audio_only = 300kb/s Switching to 480p would double the file size. And I'm also too lazy to download the high quality audio and the 360p video separately and mix them together afterwards. Tell me, if you know of any alternatives that require less effort.