2021-02-26 21:45 UTC
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Translation: bluesun Timing: Lord Starfish, Toa of Gallifrey Editing: Toa of Gallifrey Translation Check: Lord Starfish Typesetting: Lord Starfish Quality Check: Lord Starfish, Toa of Gallifrey Encoding: Puto

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_(2019)_057_(1080p)_[29BFC577].mkv (455.7 MiB)
anyone else having trouble with the video, when I play it, all i get is this https://i.postimg.cc/bJ5176QS/Video-problem.png
@JWCrammond That media player is unsupported, you have to use something else. We recommend mpv. (https://mpv.io/)
Was there a need to encode this in 12-bit video? Seems like overkill to me. Also, is this still sourced from Netflix? Just wondering.

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Our releases have never been sourced from Netflix... We use Amazon, though in this case it's Amazon with some footage from elsewhere overlaid in the left corner because Amazon for some reason had a massive watermark throughout the entire episode and we DESPERATELY hope that this was just a mistake and not the new norm because it was extremely annoying to deal with.
Also, just for the record, Netflix is 10 episodes behind.
thank you very much, and happy pokemon day
for years your pokemon uploads always played on my tv via usb and now this week it wont :( all my other mkv tv shows play, something is definitly wrong with this weeks epsiode encode
@tajd MKV is just a container, just because your TV can open MKV files doesn't mean it has the ability to play all encoded files included. Someone mentioned 12bit encoding, which is probably the sticking point. @Lord_Starfish Thanks for the upload :)
@Lord_Starfish can't even notice any difference. nice job. thanks for all this great releases as usual. kudos and cheers!