The Faraway Paladin v01-04 (2019-2021) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu)

2021-02-26 13:58 UTC
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Well here is another rip by me, also this is gonna be my last post here for a while. Although i had great pleasure in sharing all this stuff for you guys to enjoy i am gonna have to call it quits for a while since I can’t afford to renew my seedbox and won’t be able to for a while. I know this seems kinda pointless for me to be talking about this cause i doubt that many people read this description anyway. ***PLEASE SEED*** ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

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  • The Faraway Paladin v01-04 (2019-2021) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu)
    • The Faraway Paladin v01 (2019) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu).cbz (261.8 MiB)
    • The Faraway Paladin v02 (2020) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu).cbz (282.8 MiB)
    • The Faraway Paladin v03 (2020) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu).cbz (277.3 MiB)
    • The Faraway Paladin v04 (2021) (Digital) (AnimeIsMyWAifu).cbz (268.0 MiB)
thankyou and good luck bro! :)
Thank you for all your upload :)
Yes,I do read the descriptions:) - Good luck to you in the future,and hopefully we'll see you around again,and thanks for all your uploads,much appreciated.
this looks so wholesome
@datladyboss I wouldnt say it is or isnt..... but more importantly.... wow, wtf is with that art style!? Im pretty sure the novels i read a year or 2 ago had a few animations and had a dramatically more realistic\high fantasy vibe to them..... this is so far in a different direction from how i picture this MC in my head... its jarring.
Well now we know what killed this story. This is a monumental discovery that will change everything we know of society, culture, and science for possibly decades to come! Errr.... cough cough ehhh.... HEM! Now, if you will, turn your attention to the materials you were provided. Please direction your attention to what we refer to as Exhibit A. It is the 4th and final screen shot in this series of images. If you turn your forward facing optical modules in the general vicinity of where one would expect to find the Elvish gentleman's trousers, you should measure something quite peculiar. Prior studies have established a clear trend towards what one would find in such a place. We should find a pair of slacks, or perhaps a pair of shorts, as part of his hunter's garb. The reason we have so clearly defined our expected results outlined in this hypothesis is because we have a wealth of data to draw from in the form of the LN source material. To conclude, when one takes the current zeitgeist into account, and more importantly, the subjects very preferences and persona, it is clear that there is an incredibly anomalous article of clothing located beneath his torso. I propose this to be one of many misguided efforts that likely developed into a trend, leading to the demise of this entire continuum. Please provide peer review. TL:DR..... Look at the last screen shot.... why in the name of all that is good and just, is the paladin's elven-wingman wearing fucking vintage women's underwear as part of his battle gear? The dude is someone who lived a hard life, who later turns to a life of adventure.... in other words, he kicks ass. Why would he possibly wear shorts with frills on them?
Volume 5 is out!