[Yellow-Flash] Naruto Shippuden EP001-002 (v2, 10bit, VFR, 768x576, AAC)

2021-02-22 19:50 UTC
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EP001-002 v2 for: https://nyaa.si/view/1343288

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Thank you so much!
i might sound selfish but can you do a thing for me.as i have naruto collection dual audio.bit in that collection subtitles are plain so can you make batch of subtiles from your collection.i mean your subtile look nice and its gonna be helpful if you upload subtiles from your collection as i dont have unlimited internet and downloading 60gb isnt possible forme.please consider my request.and thanks in advance just read your wordpress,if you guys are gonna do what i requested so please include the subtitles for filler/unedited(as you guys mentioned that you are gonna merge episode for a clean/filler free verion of content as youguys have done in 1st episode merging 2 episodes in 1 ) file too.and yours version too just in case.. and any plan on doing naruto(not shippuden) remaining episodes as only 130 something(manga ones) available. and will there be future update to shippuden or just the low resolution ones and can anyone tell me what are this type of subtiles are called i mena subtile which look part of video rather standing out like.srt the netflix have. and dow ippo new challeger will get uploaded?(like the other 2,with those awesome subtiles)