Anki Japanese Learning Decks Vocabulary + Grammar

2021-02-22 07:40 UTC
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refold .la looks better(since it follows the comprehensible input hypothesis), but hey... who am i to judge what you want...

alquimerico (uploader)

checked that site, and i literally didn't find anything in japanese to study is all about language learning general theory, also i found funny that the site literally tells you to use anki to study
@alquimerico Ignore him. That's Matt Vs Japan's new language learning website. I'm not a big fan but some of the stuff from AJATT years ago is interesting and I appreciate how some of the ideas were formulated and popularized, and have now became accepted by language learners. Matt Vs Japan is a big proponent of the AJATT methodology (All Japanese All the Time) and Antimoon which came before it, these heavily popularized the use of a Spaced Repetition System which is what Anki is. AJATT is also about immersing yourself in media and the language in general without necessarily understanding everything at that level, trying to replicate how kids pick up things and get used to patterns naturally, etc, and not ignoring reading actual material in the language too (not textbooks). This is based on the work by Stephen Krashen and the Input Hypothesis. All of these things used to be actually be controversial not even that long ago but they're generally accepted as useful now. Matt Vs Japan disagreed with some things about AJATT and created MIA (Mass Immersion Approach) which was basically AJATT but with more of a defined plan, and covering things like pitch accent for Japanese (learners of Japanese don't realize that the pitch of words in Japanese actually changes the meaning, and they think they're speaking correctly when they're not). Then he created this new site after he and his old business partner had a falling out and started saying they were gonna sue each other lol These things happen I guess, but his Japanese is actually really good, he used to be very adversarial with other approaches and people learning and teaching Japanese and languages in general, making fun of people for studying for years and not being able to form a coherent sentence without needing to think through things with grammar tables in their head like they were solving a math formula, or how people who had been studying for years still couldn't read a novel, but he's calmed down in the past few years.
The japanese refold discord(from , and from their central discord to the JP one) has the guide u tried to check ig... And(since matt and comprehensible input wwere both mentioned here)...

alquimerico (uploader)

I don't know who's the Matt guy you're talking about and i don't really care either. Also I dislike discord.
@qtpi I still love you