The Girl Living Alone (Digital) (morrol4n)

2021-02-19 11:22 UTC
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DDL: Another request, sorry this took so long. It's a cute little color 4-koma doujinshi about a orphan girl. It's better than I expected. This is the complete series.

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  • The Girl Living Alone (Digital) (morrol4n)
    • The Girl Living Alone v01 (2015) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (24.9 MiB)
    • The Girl Living Alone v02 (2017) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (29.3 MiB)
    • The Girl Living Alone v03 (2018) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (40.2 MiB)
all these uploads look great! thanks!
Awesome, thanks. EDIT: is the sequel also available in English?
Please make upload of kanokon.

Morrolan99 (uploader)

@Keigo_Kakiguchi: I forgot to mention it, but if you're referring to the renewal version, it's just all 3 volumes together. If there's a sequel, it isn't available on amazon @andrewnoob: Kanokon doesn't really interest me unless it was free on kindle unlimited or something. Try asking one of those big Seven Seas rippers
@Morrolan99 I hate to bug ya, but any interest in The Tale of Genji: Dreams at Dawn? Amazes me that no one has ripped it yet, and I'm not too sure where to put in the suggestions.

Morrolan99 (uploader)

@leosmileyface: There's a couple volumes of it ripped here: or DDL Wow, I had no idea there were 10 volumes. Idk, if it was on kindle unlimited, comixology unlimited, overdrive or scribd, I would rip it, but it's not really a series that I'd buy, sorry. I would try asking one of the big kodansha shoujo rippers, like maybe Shizu or danke
@ leosmileyface ... sadly there is a pure shit upload of the first two vols of The Tale of Genji: Dreams at Dawn by Shellshock ... ... I call it pure shit because it is a totally garbage-ass quality scan of paper-copy vols in 2-page wide format ... the scan is complete garbage that shows LOTS of untranslated Japanese all over the pages I looked at the Kodansha webpage for that story, and I can suspect that what Shellshock uploaded is NOT what you would get from a company that actually licensed the story to put out an English language version ... and if that is in fact what Kodansha is putting out as the "officially translated version" then it is complete garbage, not worth getting if you want the actual original story ... it is actually a very good read ... check out Ganba's "Officially Translated" batch ... use the DDL link shown on the page, and look for the folder called "Genji Monogatari", then grab the Penguin Books version he included in his batch (that is normally listed as the best quality translation) ... yeah it is an LN, so it is not a manga, but it IS a very good read