[GSK_kun] Horimiya - 06 [WEBRip 1080p x264 10-bit AAC]

2021-02-19 05:41 UTC
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![Image](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/799888136577744936/799888247941627954/wallpaperflare.com_wallpaper.jpg) *** **Role** | **Staff** --- | --- TL | Funimation(Katrina) Encode | Zastin Timing | [Okay-Subs](https://nyaa.si/view/1342502) Editing | Flower TS | gsk_, ShowY Songs TL | [AmeAgare](https://nyaa.si/view/1325524)(Romaji), Aria(TL), Flower(Editing) Songs Styling | ShowY QC | basheer_naimi, Asakura *** Refer [Episode 1](https://nyaa.si/view/1331195) for release notes. **I highly recommended you use [mpv player.](https://mpv.io/installation/)** Report any issues on [my discord](https://discord.gg/U98Xnjbsqg).

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  • [GSK_kun] Horimiya - 06 [WEBRip 1080p x264 10-bit AAC] [1004DE07].mkv (819.8 MiB)

gsk_ (uploader)

I think there is some confusion regarding the situation with Horimiya. If you don't know Motbob released ep 6 under Okay subs. If he releases anything I will salvage what ever he does. Rest assured we will do the show to completion regardless. Thanks for watching our releases.
Thanks a lot. Please don't stall :')
>Thanks for watching our releases. Nope. Not gonna watch stallers like GJM/GSK. Both useless.
Stick to your CR/Funi rips then Thanks GSK
You don't watch GJM for simulcasts, you wait for them and binge watch the content. They are stalling a bit too much for my liking though (eizouken, kaguya s2).
Well, if you're already used to how late a fan-subbed episode gets released, you will definitely have no issue with the way GJM or other current fansubs stall !
there's honestly no reason for fansubs to be so slow
All the stall is mostly due to TS tho
@herkz where the fuck is my owari s2 then?


Glad this is catching up now!

gsk_ (uploader)

@Kamiyan93 I think we are fast enough, we released ep before next one aired which is fairly fast these days. Keep in mind everyone has life and we do this out of our free time with nothing to gain. That said you are free to take other release if this is not to your liking.
thank you for not giving up on horimiya ~~~ aww