[Foxtrot] Ballroom e Youkoso (Welcome to the Ballroom) - Volume 1 [BD 1080p FLAC]

2021-02-12 02:33 UTC
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6.0 GiB
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This is the first show I subbed under the Foxtrot group tag. I've been meaning to rewatch it and I've come to the realization that my original WEB release is way below my standards across the board. The subs are pretty much getting a total makeover with improved editing, timing, typesetting—everything, really. The show is really underrated and deserves the best release. I'll be chipping away at these over time, releasing by the volume. This is a remux of [Rakuen Subs](https://nyaa.si/view/1243449)'s BD release, and their Italian subtitles remain in tact as a second track out of respect to them. Translation: Amazon Song Translation: Amazon (OP1, ED1), Areki (OP2, ED2) Song Styling: torn Editing: torn Timing: torn Typesetting: torn Quality Check: torn

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  • [Foxtrot] Welcome to the Ballroom - Volume 1 [BD 1080p FLAC]
    • [Foxtrot] Welcome to the Ballroom - 01 [BD 1080p FLAC] [7B597C0C].mkv (1.5 GiB)
    • [Foxtrot] Welcome to the Ballroom - 02 [BD 1080p FLAC] [2EE125CE].mkv (1.5 GiB)
    • [Foxtrot] Welcome to the Ballroom - 03 [BD 1080p FLAC] [B86F1A8C].mkv (1.5 GiB)
    • [Foxtrot] Welcome to the Ballroom - 04 [BD 1080p FLAC] [EE1A5DF7].mkv (1.5 GiB)
**Kuromukuro when?**
oh my god is it finally happening
welcome to the tornroom
thanks this show was fantastic
Awesome! Why did you choose Rakuen over neko-raws for example?

torn (uploader)

Rakuen is more efficient. It's smaller and still looks really good. Also, I plan to release another batch with their 864p release once I'm done with the show.
Great. Looking forward to it. Also I think the 864p release looks a lot better than the normal 1080p, however both releases are bit starve compare to neko's imo. Cheers.