[NS] Nanatsu no Taizai Fundo no Shinpan - 05 - The Tragic Strike 1080p WEB x264).mkv

2021-02-10 18:48 UTC
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*Video** | **Resolution** | **Audio**|**Subtitle Track 1**| **Source** :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---:| :---: `x264`| `1080p`| `Japanese`| `Noob-Subs`| `Netflix` ## NS: #### Nanatsu no Taizai Fundo no Shinpan - Episode 05 #### Duration: 24 min 12s ## Encoder's Notes: #### These are Subtitles Made By Noob-Subs. If there are any mistakes feel free to comment below with correct timestamp. We will try to fix it ASAP in v2. #### Op karaoke and ED karaoke will be included in V2 and some mistakes will be also fixed. ## Join The Discord Channel For Episode Updates: [HERE](https://discord.gg/vj7KEKtCCQ) ![alt text][logo] [logo]:https://imgur.com/qxcPWEx.png "Logo Title Text 2" ![alt text][logo1] [logo1]: https://imgur.com/nH5Kj7j.png "Logo Title Text 2"

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  • [NS] Nanatsu no Taizai Fundo no Shinpan - 05 - The Tragic Strike 1080p WEB x264).mkv (342.7 MiB)
Seriously my dear uploader, r u still live in the dial-up era?
how come there is always someone complaining even on one of the most downloaded torrents? lmao you whiny baby anime elitists shut up and say thank you for once. I bet its on your end. he must be doing something right with all the seeders and leechers. THANK YOU AT @Scythe_Op!
Yeah, idk about hollow either but i download pretty fast almost all my downloads.sometimes 40mbps dl but i gigabit so yea.
@zalxion Dude, use your eyes. His comment went up close to the upload time, which meant that there weren't many seeds except by the uploader. So a slow download speed means that the uploader isn't seeding at a high speed. After a couple people have already downloaded, it's already fine since the seeding burden is being shared by multiple people. So yes, his question is perfectly valid since, at the point he was downloading it, the seeds were mostly supplied solely by the uploader. You're commenting nearly 2 hours after he tried downloading. Obviously the seed/peer situation would've changed.
Do yourselves a favour and stop embarassing yourselves by calling these speedsubs "the perfect subtitles" when it's really clear that you can't even manage to do basic proof-reading...
yeah even though I want to watch this asap, I'm waiting for Tenshi (because Chyuu takes forever- can't be waiting that long). They usually upload their epi by Friday/Saturday

Scythe_Op (uploader)

@Shadowfury You didn't read the description about v2

Scythe_Op (uploader)

@HOLLOW DDL Links will also be provided next week
Are you dense? If you release a v1 expecting to be mistakes to be fixed in v2, then v1 literally cannot be "the perfect subtitles".

Scythe_Op (uploader)

@shadowfury We changed the description.