[Rom & Rem] Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi - 04 [TV][H265][10bits][1080p][AAC][Uncensored] (Modified subtitle)

2021-02-04 08:31 UTC
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Lots of missing dialogues for the uncensored scenes in this episode. Sorry for the delay. Source video & audio: https://nyaa.si/view/1337600 Original subtitle: https://nyaa.si/view/1337372 Edited: - Added honorifics. - Changed some character names and titles to be closer to the original. - Added translations for the uncensored scenes. ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/FhfCHvb.jpg)

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  • [Rom & Rem] Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi - 04 [TV][H265][10bits][1080p][AAC][Uncensored].mkv (228.9 MiB)
thankyuu! cute kemonomimi with cute paws UwU~~
thank you for your hard work
Thank you kind sir.
Thank you so much m8
don't sweat the delays man. it's worth the wait.
yup. your releases are always worth the wait <3
First, thanks for this. Now comes the awkward part. With my bare-bones knowledge of ̶h̶e̶n̶t̶a̶i̶ anime I noticed some mistakes in the translation. First, when Setsuna says that she hasn't done "that" before then Keyaru explicitly says "I see, so you're a virgin" but the subs say "Is that so...". There's not much problem with this because the meaning is implied and we all know what they mean. Then when they are having sex she says something like "I don't know this [feeling] / I've never felt this" but the subs say "such happiness" or something like that. Other error is in your last screenshot. When she says いきてる it could be translated as "is/I'm alive", but it could be also translated as "is/I'm coming". Now, I believe that in this situation the latter makes more sense, I even checked the manga. I feel bad for pointing out errors when I'm just here consuming free stuff that other people took the trouble and the time to work on, but I can't help to wonder if maybe there are even more mistakes and I'm just unable to notice them. Or maybe those are just errors from the original sub and you just didn't touch them. Sorry if that's the case.

Roman-sama (uploader)

@7777ale7777 Noted. Will fix it in the batch and BD release.
Thank you so much :3
finally anime about my firendo "Shirakami Fubuki"
"I don't know what I've been told!" "Ice wolf pussy is mighty cold!"
Translation of 生きてる/いきてる(ikiteru) as "is living, is alive" is correct. "is coming" would be incorrect. Verb 生きる/いきる(ikiru, "to live") has -te form 生きて/いきて(ikite). Verb 行く/いく(iku, "to go, to depart, to have orgasm") has -te form 行って/いって(itte). (〜る(-ru) after -te form is colloquial shortened version of いる(iru, indicator of progressive action).) Relevant scene in manga actually does not have either of those verbs (https://lovehug.net/687/24459/).