(PC) Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne

2021-01-28 10:43 UTC
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Summary "One month after Subaru's new life in another world began, an emissary sent by the royal castle suddenly appears with news that the royal selection has been postponed, but offers no reason as to why. The postponement of this grand event that decides the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica stirs Subaru and his friends into action. They return to the royal capital only to find that a sixth candidate has claimed their stake for the throne. But the Dragon Stone prophesizes that only five candidates would be chosen. With one candidate being an imposter, suspicions are immediately cast toward one woman in particular: Emilia. What answers lie beyond the mysterious web of assassinations, betrayal, and conspiracies...?" FEATURES Enjoy a new Re:ZERO storyline, fully supervised by the series author Tappei Nagatsuki! Featuring brand-new characters designed by the original artist Shinichirou Otsuka as well as your favorites from the series! Once finished the download, please don't forget to keep seeding. This game is owned by Chime Corporation and Spike Chunsoft.

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  • ds-rezerostartinglifeinanotherworldtheprophecyofthethrone.iso (5.4 GiB)
How do I make the game full screen? There doesn't seem to be an option available in the config menu.
Just figured it out, it's ALT+Enter to full screen.
does anyone know how to extract game's files like BGs, CGs, music? i can not find any extractor with that format. Actually this is the first time i am seeing that format in game's folder
@shzkr, It's a .iso file, like a virtual installation disk. Double click the setup application and it will open the installer. Once you install it you will see the game files.
Thanks for this game 10/10 greentings and good vibes.
does anybody know the full mouse and keyboard inputs of the game? it's just literally showing controller buttons hahahuhu