[Chyuu] Nanatsu no Taizai - Fundo no Shinpan - 01 [1080p][C088970D].mkv

2021-01-26 02:40 UTC
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  • [Chyuu] Nanatsu no Taizai - Fundo no Shinpan - 01 [1080p][C088970D].mkv (750.7 MiB)
>chyuu >alive
Sorry. The raw is from Netflix or ???
chyuu saves the year yet again <3

Chyuu (uploader)

We used Amazon for our video.
Chyuu came back from purgatory.
surprised to see you actually releasing this. lmao!
Barely alive PogU
The sad part is that the story will get worse and worse with each passing episode.
>Chyuu >notdeadyet
thanks for the memes fam
@Chyuu - Thank you very much for still choosing to do Taizai subs!! Really appreciate your works! <3
I can't believe I'm actually seeing this, Thanks for the amazing subs Chyuu!!
Can't wait to see the upcoming episodes from you guys, absolutely the best! <3
YAY!! Chyuu is finally back, time to watch yet another Taizai goodness! Thank you for this, really meant a lot to us... See you guys until the end. <3
Cheers! for the amazing new season, and for Chyuu's great subtitles!! ?
Episode 2 and 3 translated?
@Neko-Fx - I guess ep. 2-3 are currently in the works but usually would take some time since Chyuu prioritizes the quality of their subs more than any other thing, and was the very reason why I prefer their release.
episode 2 at qc, episode 3 being tled