Edo Manga v01-03 (Digital) (morrol4n)

2021-01-25 01:35 UTC
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DDL: https://mega.nz/folder/p0o0iAYK#DtyjtIvtoIdLXUZW7ePryw So this isn't quite manga, at least not what most readers these days would expect. There were booklets in the Edo era where there were bound collections of short stories. These stories were illustrated with woodblock carved art and printed with ink onto paper with text scribbled on it. Some scholars consider these to be the first manga. Anyway, it's quite cool, the artwork is neat even if old age has faded a lot of them. The stories have all the text translated and also has side notes and the history behind them. Double pages are joined. Thought they looked weird a mile apart, so they're closer.

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  • Edo Manga v01-03 (Digital) (morrol4n)
    • Edo Manga v01 - The Tattooed Arm (2019) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (27.1 MiB)
    • Edo Manga v02 - The Girl Who Became a Taoist Immortal (2019) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (48.0 MiB)
    • Edo Manga v03 - Help! A Ninja Stole My Soul! (2019) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (29.5 MiB)
The Ninja story was better than I expected.