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2021-01-23 18:43 UTC
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[v2 patch to fix AR flag](https://mega.nz/file/cXJgiJAa#6Q__-tgO9GgHFkREmHmWrNRge6Up-vdxAFoNVqthRPg) We're back! Picked up a dedicated typesetter, editor and timer! Anticipated release schedule is an episode every two weeks, but we'll see. Video this time around is raw R2J DVD, nothing more. Can't help but feel like the encode's wrong, but the encoder's a new age encoder. Never had to deal with shitty DVDs before. Any advice for dealing with old DVDs is greatly appreciated. If you have playback problems (this release is 10bit) we recommend watching the release with MPV. No support will be given for any other player. This project uses original names for both people and places (eg. Satoshi, Masara Town) and official English localization names for all Pokemon, their moves and items. We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision. Know that any comments asking to use anything else will be ignored. Feel free to demux the subs and edit it to your liking though. This release IS soft subbed, after all. #pokedex@irc.rizon.net Staff TL (dialogue, songs): kumo8 Edit: luvsick TLC: Etoce Time: kumo8 Typesetting: Shiro, KoolKidsK Encode: KoolKidsK QC: KoolKidsK Special thanks: skr, akai, #pokemon@irc.hoshinet.org

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  • [Pokedex] Pocket Monsters - 005 [FFD075BF].mkv (481.8 MiB)
a whole year and a half later!!
Not trying to be ignorant, but out of all the episodes released by numerous groups, I think Satoshi's Mom, at least translation wise and flow was the best, did you try to work with her maybe? And maybe even work on other seasons to finally someday the gap to be filled.
Featuring updated (rhyming!) Team Rocket entry lines thanks to luvsick. We'll make a batch probably every 12 episodes or so, as needed. The updated Team Rocket entry lines will make it into the first batch. Excited to get back into this.
Is it tagged with the correct aspect ratio?
Still hoping Pokémon ever gets all subbed. Been wanting to watch it.
I could be wrong but isn't this supposed to be 4:3 not 3:2? When encoding you should set the resolution as 640x480 or at least set the display aspect ratio to 4:3 in mkvtoolnix when you mux everything. Other than that it looks solid to me thanks for the work.
Yeah, they encoded this to 3:2 instead of the proper 4:3 so everything looks really wide/stretched. >_< Gotta force the player to resize to 4:3 for proper playback.
Encoding isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway.
herkz pls teach encode
The patch doesn't seem to be working for me even though I read the instructions. Please upload the patched file.
what the fuck is this shit edit: your shit was better without any typesetting, please don't do it again
> edit: your shit was better without any typesetting, please don’t do it again ???
Glad you guys are back! But why are you still working on Kanto now that it's fully subbed? https://nyaa.si/view/1237473 I feel like it'd be better to work a region that hasn't fully subbed yet, like Orange Islands or Johto.
For your next releases, you can use Amazon WEB-DL by ABYSS https://nyaa.si/view/1328217 as source, it's much better than Kids station ones