[PAS] Beastars S2 - 15 (WEB 1080p AAC) [A200700B].mkv

2021-01-22 07:54 UTC
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This is probably the fastest we can go. We were all relatively free this week, there wasn't a new OP/ED, and there was a low amount of signs. <36hrs for a full otl fansub with signs isn't too bad imo. Our <24hr turn-around for C&T was only possible because the signs were already in English. TL: Myaamori Edit: rcombs TLC: Unbased TS: simonovovka, xyx1221, tehshower Time: TsUNaMy WaVe Encode: KoolKidsK Song Styling: LightArrowsEXE QC: Pikminiman MPV is the only player we support. No support will be given for any other player. If something else happens to work, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not our problem. #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net Recruiting competent translators to save more anime. Contact KoolKidsK on IRC or KoolKidsK#8146 on discord if interested. XDCC available on IRC sooner or later

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  • [PAS] Beastars S2 - 15 (WEB 1080p AAC) [A200700B].mkv (763.2 MiB)
Sad to see people complaining on other torrent uploads that some fansubbers won't translate episodes "on time". I'm more than happy to wait for a properly translated episode. Thank you, PA Subs!
First, thank you!! Second, I know the player is not supported, but I just thought I'd share for others. When attemtpting to watch on my Roku Ultra, throughout the OP it flips between a black screen (no visual) and repeating subtitles 2x or more, or a giant string of numerals as subtitles later in the episode. All the previous releases have worked perfectly so I just wanted to share my experience with this latest release. Works great on all my other computers/devices though.