Princess of the Never Ending Castle (2019) (Hollow Press) (tunafan)

2021-01-19 00:18 UTC
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This manga is ripped by someone i never heard of til today but i still decided to post it here for you guys to enjoy. ***PLEASE SEED*** ![](

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  • Princess of the Never Ending Castle (2019) (Hollow Press) (tunafan).cbr (354.4 MiB)
Thanks! Has tunafan ripped any other rare manga? I mean other than Dementia 21
Too bad the translation is shit. \>Princess of the Never Ending Castle (2019) (Hollow Press) (tunafan)\_\_--WdmBdXGxCOaSis90dUnmD3ioMOpbYqnR0BcQ
Thanks for the great manga. However, seems the width of the scan is cut off on certain pages. Anyone else having problems with this?
@artichart003 that is how he drew it. Here's an example of the original art so you can see I ain't shitting you. @Morrolan99 I hate most manga so not much. Two Jiro Ishikawa books, Atomic Love and C'est Comme Ca. The 4 issues of Day of the Flying Head. Have scanned loads of RAW stuff for people to translate, but I can't remember most of it as I've scanned way too much shit.
@tunafan Do you have a DDL of Atomic Love, C’est Comme Ca and Day of the Flying Head? Where can I download the stuff you scan?
Here ya go Atomic Love C’est Comme Ca Day of the Flying head 1 2 3 4 And a scan I did of Kago's Tract I only release stuff on hubs, what happens after that I usually stay out of it. There's a guy who uploaded most of my scans to mega. I'll ask him for the link to the folder and post it here when I can.
@tunafan Thanks for the DDLs <3
DDL Princess of the Never Ending Castle (2019) (Hollow Press) (tunafan)