Gravitation (2009-2010) (Digital) (morrol4n)

2021-01-16 23:15 UTC
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For ages I wondered why no one bothered to rip the Tokyopop ebooks that have been out for 10+ years, when nearly everything else has been ripped. The answer seems to be that they're craptacular low resolution ebooks and Tokyopop should be ashamed. Fixing the errors in this damn thing took me a whole week of editing. All the pages were in reverse order, the margins were funky, and one ebook (volume 3) had a massive printing error in it that messed up about half an inch of the artwork on about 1/3 of the pages. I couldn't bear releasing it looking like utter shit, so the whole thing is photoshopped to look right. One of these days I might scan in the actual book for a proper release, but honestly it's going to be a long time, and it does look readable enough. Anyway, more Tokyopop crap coming, and some more Kindle Unlimited stuff too. While I'm here does anyone want a bunch of random yaoi one volume manga from Kindle Unlimited? If not I'm not even going to bother with it.

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  • Gravitation Omnibus (2009-2010) (Digital) (morrol4n)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v01 (2009) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (120.2 MiB)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v02 (2010) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (124.7 MiB)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v03 (2010) (Digital) (PRE) (morrol4n).cbz (130.6 MiB)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v04 (2010) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (135.4 MiB)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v05 (2010) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (129.8 MiB)
    • Gravitation Omnibus v06 (2010) (Digital) (morrol4n).cbz (137.1 MiB)

Morrolan99 (uploader)

I forgot to add the download links, d'oh.
This is amazing! Thank you!
Thank you!! And yes, if not too much to ask, would love some of the yaoi from kindle unlimited!!
Very nice. Keep up the effort! A lot of people really appreciate your work, me included!!

Morrolan99 (uploader)

@txla Alrighty then, one pack of random yaoi manga coming right up, soon! @Aoi-sama: thank you!
You are a legend, Morrolan99! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'd LOVE to see more Yaoi from Kindle Unlimited! :D
If you don’t mind, could you please also upload: Kindle Unlimited books: YAMADA AND THE BOY Good-Bye, Heron Under One Roof With the Beast You Don’t Even Know My Feelings The More Useless He Is, The More I Love him The Perfect Combo The bird eating snake BUDDHIST PRIEST & A SPIDER The Vampire and the Virgin Rose Zhenniao SUPER NATURAL Not Kindle Unlimited: Don’t Call Me Dirty Escape Journey The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice and The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese Monster and the Beast THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR EFFORT!
Thank you, I always wanted to buy the omnibus of gravitation print but they no longer in print. Now, I can read it in decent quality.

Morrolan99 (uploader)

@marina84 a lot of the stuff you requested, only the first chapter or two are on kindle unlimited, not the entire thing. Still want them? Also Goodbye Heron is on comixology unlimited, and not kindle unlimited, sorry.
Aww, just the first chapter only? That sucks, it seemed like they were available in full. :( That's OK then, Morrolan99, no need. Thank you so much again for bringing the yaoi goodies. :D