[tenshi] Nanatsu no Taizai - Fundo no Shinpan - 01 [1080p][9D8A52A5].mkv

2021-01-16 02:09 UTC
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![That feeling when the new Taizai season comes](https://i.ibb.co/NjPXJnP/vlcsnap-2021-01-15-21h02m17s552.png) Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Got a whole new season of Taizai underway! First time in awhile that fansubs are the only game in town. Hopefully these'll do for now. KFX coming either in a v2 later this week or in next week's release. Wanna help out? Join the Discord. Next week's episode should be faster. Good luck to Chyuu, assuming they still want to sub. This release is to get us all back in rhythm. One down, 23 to go. *Credits:* **Translator:** PlumJucie (dialogue), bluesun (lyrics) **Encoder:** EoE **Timer:** TsUNaMy WaVe **Typesetter:** Tom_Servo **Quality Check:** DranzerX13

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  • [tenshi] Nanatsu no Taizai - Fundo no Shinpan - 01 [1080p][9D8A52A5].mkv (693.5 MiB)
>chyuu >alive
Thank you very much


> EoE nice
Been waiting for this. Thanks!
thanks a lot for this btw what is KFX?
Thanks a million, Tenshi! Been waiting for this since the episode came out, you guys really are angels! btw, a big thanks to EoE for the amazing encode! <3
So glad, it's finally here, been waiting eagerly for your subs ever since. Thanks a lot, Angel fansubs!
do i have to wait for the v2?
Amazing!! Thanks :3
Alright baby, just like old times.
Sweet, thanks!
Thanks for still being here. It really seems like 2020 almost killed what was left of fansubs. And I still remember a time when fs were the norm and not the exception.
> 2020 almost killed what was left of fansubs Fansubs have been dead since 2012