Nanatsu no Taizai Fundo no Shinpan (1080p) - S01 E01 Pt-br Hardsub.mkv

2021-01-13 22:27 UTC
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  • [Viper Fansub]Nanatsu no Taizai Fundo no Shinpan (1080p) - S01 E01 Pt-br Hardsub.mkv (350.4 MiB)
Hardsub!?!?!? Not even in a million years! A proper hardsub takes a few days to do and this episode just release today. Neither the opening nor ending have subs, the fucking watermaker is so annoying that impossible to be unnoticed, the torrent it self must be hosted on a local machine 'cause this speeds are way too slow for a standard hardsubed upload, even with my 2.5Gib internet the download speed wont go higher then 1Mbps. The subs quality is so bad that even fastsubs are better.

rodrigor33r (uploader)

but you are not required to download. This is envy. Grow friend
I don't give a dam fuck about you and I'm allow to express my opinion the way I want. Grow? A 16 year old kid telling me to grow when he doesn't event know the difference between harsubs and fastsubs xD I've been watching anime before you even know how to go the bathroom by yourself. If you wanna roast someone at least try to come up with a argument.

rodrigor33r (uploader)

Cry more baby Buaaaaa he made a hardsub and I didn't like it, buaaaaa
Well... I guess this how far the english of an brazilian kid goes. If you ran out of arguments then it's better to shut up rather humiliating yourself. That's just sad to watch, but hey if you need english lessons then just hit me up and I'll be glad to help any kid that needs it.

rodrigor33r (uploader)

buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cry more honey