[M-L] Detective Conan - Movie 19 - Sunflowers of Inferno (1080p)

2021-01-11 14:34 UTC
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4.1 GiB
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Happy New Year! …or so I was going to say if this release wasn’t 10 days late. This was intended to be released on the 1st of January, but whatever. After the disaster of a year that was 2020, we figured we’d start the year with a positive note, so here’s an M-L Conan release for the first time in five and a half years (or one year and three months if you count the joint on Movie 20 with Kienai…). We’re hoping to get more Conan releases out this year. Meanwhile, enjoy the movie! Encoding, Translation: Puto Additional translation: Licca, bluesun TLC: bluesun QC: VOK Logo, special thanks: Lyswh Video: HEVC 12-bit 1920x1080 23.976fps Audio: FLAC 5.1

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  • Detective Conan - Movie 19 - Sunflowers of Inferno (1080p) [M-L][809d1882].mkv (4.1 GiB)
please continue softsubbing conan. there are so many hardsub episodes
And I though this is a reupload of old release but it's NOT true! Many thanks doing your best!
Nah, it’s a whole new sub, done completely from scratch.
Thought I'd point out that your Pokemon side stories eps naming are wrongly labelled.
BTW can you please upload Pokemon generations 1080p or 720p rip?
Is there any chance to seed all of past episodes of Detective Conan? I will seed them once finished downloading.
Everything we’ve ever released is on xdcc.
Thanks for sharing!