Umineko no Naku Koro ni Rondo & Nocturne (PS3 Chapter 1-8) [Umineko Project]

2021-01-10 10:40 UTC
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This is basically this release: but updated to the latest Umineko Project version [Episode 8 β (v8.2b)] as of 31st December 2020 (with minor fixes such as effects, glitches, and typos) I’ve only tried if the games open and played a bit so there’s a chance something is broken and I didn’t notice, tell me in the comments if that’s the case and I’ll fix it ASAP. Umineko Project mods the PS3 graphics to PC. Languages: English and Russian Instructions: Extract the .rar. Inside the “Umineko” folder click on “onscripter-ru” to start the game, the save files will be located inside a folder named “ONScripter-RU” which will be located inside the hidden “ProgramData” folder where your Windows OS is installed. Credits: Umineko Project

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Is there some way to switch to Japanese text?

Ruben2505 (uploader)

@VVayfarer unfortunately no. Try the 07thMod version since it probably has the Japanese text
ur a god, thank you
Is it possible to make another release with the unofficial Witch Hunt language pack from Umineko Project?
@VVayfarer I was able to make a Japanese script for the port. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links here. If it's okay I can upload the files somewhere.
To answer my own question and help other people out: you can download updated Witch Hunt files from umineko-project github page Just extract the files to the game root folder. The files are not encrypted. You can update your installation by extracting the other release files as well. This process can also be applied to the older release I have no idea if applying patches will corrupt your save files though.
@enodation upload them
@bitmug will this give me the same script as the steam release?
@SilverHair I think it will since the steam version is published by Mangagamer and they used WH scripts. It is also the reason why I want a WH version of this torrent.
Seems like the controller support is completely bugged in this. DS4 won't really work, neither on its own, nor with the help of ds4windows. It's supposed to work, but alas. When I use it as an xbox controller, X mutes the freakin' audio, and none of the buttons actually "confirm". Just a warning for others.
@enodation: Nice! Could you upload a torrent? Or maybe add a mega link here in the comments?
so whats the diference with the older ps3-graphics and voices mod?
@xerxesbreak this is more than just ps3 graphics, it also is fully lip synced and the rain is animated, but there's even more! Umineko Project is essentially the definitive edition of Umineko.
Sorry it took me a while to finally get around to uploading this. Here's my Japanese patch. I've noticed there's already an upload on Nyaa, but I consider mine better (albeit not perfect). Check the screenshots folder for comparison and Readme.txt for more details.
You're the man! No diss to the project as it seems great, but the prospect of downloading 12 parts at 1MB/s gives me 2010 flashbacks
Can someone help me what to do after I download this? is this the full game or I need to download the game first? this is my first time getting into umineko but I don't like the sprites in the steam ver. so I decided not to buy it any help is appreciated thanks in advance!

Ruben2505 (uploader)

@Hizume no you do not need to download the base game. All you need to do is extract and run onscripter-ru. That's it