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2021-01-09 17:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Horimiya - 01 (1080p) [0D3E1DE0].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Overrated. I read the manga. Good but overhyped. Anime of the season ? Hell no.
This was long overdue...
Well, the first 50 chapter was pretty good after that ... just meh > AOTS Joke of the season
> Anime of the season Everyone knows that Generic Battle Shonen #567 will be AOTS.
Damn people are so negative, not even one episode yet people are judging it, just shut up and wait till the anime ends, just because you read the manga doesn't mean shit
I like Anime, so I watch this.
Dude the manga was one of a kinda in terms of romance, and you saying it is meh?? Indeed it is your normal high school romance, seen like that a lot, but this is actually well done and the characters are dam like able and relatable.... stick with it till the end or read on in the manga
> Everyone knows that Generic Battle Shonen #567 will be AOTS. You mean AoT?
@SeaSmoke I'm sorry, do you by any chance mean that AoT is generic battle shounen?
> You mean AoT? It's probably going to be it, due to it's popularity.
This seems REALLY melodramatic. Am I right?
> This seems REALLY melodramatic. Am I right? The comments section in nyaa is always melodramatic! /s
I don't know anything about this anime yet why am I so excited to download when I saw the title? LMAO.
YES!!! CW did it again!!
manga is great im hyped for the episode
Attack on Titan is generic battle shounen ? Yeah, that's enough for internet today.
AoT is not generic. Does not mean it's good though. It WAS good, but now... damn... Now, about THIS show... seems that it averts a few tropes I despise in shoujo romance, so I'll give it a try.
AoT "was" good? It makes no sense, the last arc is hailed as the best written arc and not only in AoT, but compared to all other shounen, AoT is the most complex story of all, it averts all generic tropes and it is one of a kind anime. But yeah, AoT is generic battle shounen, you are absolutely right Gundam pfp guy.
Okay ya got me, I'm missing the joke here entirely cause idk how the hell this is labeled as "Shonen" after reading the bio and watching the trailer...lmao
> @SeaSmoke I’m sorry, do you by any chance mean that AoT is generic battle shounen? idk, he said AOTS is going to be Generic battle shounen. Current leading AOTS contender is AoT.
smh my head people take their Chinese cartoons so seriously they can't detect sarcasm.
@MrCrazyGood shonen doesn't mean action series, it's just what magazine it was published in
People throw around the word so much they forget that it's not a genre, it's a demographic.
I think I like the OVAs much better than this first episode. Although they were more like an advertisement for the manga. https://nyaa.si/view/1281320
@ Arin-san: dude... just because something is different does not mean it is good. And... best written arc of a show that had mediocre writing to begin with? Not that much of a step up.
@DmonHiro Well, to be different usually means original. That's a fact. Just wait to the end of the season. You'll see it's the best arc of the series.
@omertaskaya > Attack on Titan is generic battle shounen ? Yeah, that’s enough for internet today. haha agreed
again shit anime with annoying angry violent small tits girl wont watch more than this and looks more like shoujo to me

subsplease (uploader)

you guys talk a lot
exactly the comments section this shit deserves
Lmfao, well then let me be the first to apologize for not being enough of a "weeb" for this comment section. Although I have to point out that "shonen" is labeled as a "genre" on the vast majority of all "anime sites" but like I said sorry for not being Weeby enough for the Weeby club up in here lol
Dear god... This school romance anime fanbase is so cringey and awful. If you don't like it don't watch this!
Holy shit guys can I get a blog going here too? I have an opinion.
> AoT is not generic. Does not mean it’s good though. It WAS good, but now… damn… I like this guy
Honestly? Feels overhyped af. It was okayish so far. Not bad, nothing special either.
I'd just like to interject for a moment to tell you how shitty "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" is without Ufotable this comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
this boy is so fuking hot
Best Romance/SOL of the decade
@HentaiSamurai I was waiting for someone to say that lol, He's gonna be husbando of the season for sure
kind of meme score ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/696309253673058305/797627500820692992/unknown.png)
hi. i'm here too. power rangers is looking good! i'll watch this. jk, i read the manga, and dropped at ch. 40. its for girls
Anyone else find it kind of weird that no-one in this comments section has ever heard of the concept of some folk having different taste? If you don't like it don't watch it.
>If you don't like it, don't watch it If I tell you that your taste in anime is bad, you should feel bad kek
ill never understand why you incels watch this trash.
Holy shit this comment section is a clusterfuck...LMAOO
Manga... okay at start but very meh later on. Anime... will watch it next year.
I already watched this show yesterday, only it had video games. So ill stick with that one
Is there any way to have an Actor for each line? if have it will be easy to colorize for each character
Funimation's Timming is f SHITTT!
Those judgments of yall are biased and quite harsh when only 1 single dam episode is out....
This was trending on Twitter not that Twitter is all that great too many snowflakes are on Twitter
idk wtf is going on in these comments but @neet_virgin is a fckin **g*** for not liking pettanko
I avoid watching anime romcoms like this cuz they are based on the ongoing manga, and have only one or two seasons without plans to cover the whole thing in the future. It's like having sex without orgasm. I need a resolution, damn it.
Ha. This comment section is hilarious. Only went here to see if the show was good or not and of course I got the typical incel anime watcher's lament on the tastes of other people. I would hope that you are children but considering the community...I'm not so sure. The only people worth attacking for their taste are the ones who think real casual shit like MHA and TOG are the best anime to come out in decades and are vocal/hostile about it. Otherwise, let people like what they like. We all know you're just autistic and have a heightened feeling of self importance to excuse your lack of ability to handle IRL social interactions... You can say the show's trash, and give good reasons for it, but if you can't and just resort to this petty, childish melodrama then it's hard to take you very seriously.
I read the manga and while it's interesting to see two different types of world views clash, it felt like a compromise of two world point views, that is until later in the manga. It felt like the editors were shifting the direction. It's a good manga and the anime is decent too. I just hope Funimation doesn't fuck it up and make it decide to inject woke politics. Hori is everything "progressive" people hate. I'd hate this to be an attack on the Family Focused type woman. Again progressives hate the "family oriented" types.