[Commie] Otherside Picnic - 01 [C0E668E1].mkv

2021-01-07 15:18 UTC
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  • [Commie] Otherside Picnic - 01 [C0E668E1].mkv (644.3 MiB)
thanks but you don't need to sign your comments
Cheeki breeki i v damkee
Thanks for the enjoyment.I was bored before :')
quality karaoke OP & ED KEK
you must sub the Promise Neverland S2 it's promising worth smt.
lel that's the best turnaround I've seen in awhile
where is nyaacommentstxt
>you must sub the Promise Neverland S2 it’s promising worth smt. i've never watched season 1, but i do know the person who edited it for GJM and he said the official subs were incredibly awful. seeing as season 2 is licensed by the same company, they probably will be again, so no thanks.
I never thought this would be a herkz cartoon but we live in strange times
>picnic in the title >postapocalyptic wasteland is this a roadside picnic reference or am i just a rusaboo?
yes, it's a reference to roadside picnic but that's it. i don't think the plots are similar at all.
damn. how awesome would a strugatzki anime be? imagine if it was written by konaka chiaki...
Where the resolution? is it 1080p? or 720 or something else?
@Shizuken it's 1080p. if you wanna know w/o downloading you can always check anidb.
>Where the resolution? is it 1080p? or 720 or something else? this is why animetosho exists https://animetosho.org/file/commie-otherside-picnic-01-c0e668e1-mkv.805577
I strongly despise Communism, but I will wave the Hammer and Sickle for your service subbing this show..
against the wall with you
Wait, is the novel badly translated? Because I thought J Novel Club had high quality releases.
i don't think there are really that many mistakes, but they just don't localize anything for some reason.
When it happens it's usually because the Japanese publishers/series creator are dicks for some reason and don't want any kind of localizations.
wouldn't surprise me
I legitimately never thought I'd be watching a Commie release in 2021. Thanks.
You guys gonna be doing Log Horizon S3?
wait, comeme do yuri?
Fitting that Commie picks up the most embarrassingly bad show of the year so far.
Someone post some comparison shots between Commie and SubsPlease (CR).
>Someone post some comparison shots between Commie and SubsPlease (CR). you mean funi, not CR. and if you're talking about video quality, i descaled this, so it's definitely better.