[GOLDEN] Fate Grand Carnival New Year's Eve Special 2020 [2218BFA4].mkv

2021-01-01 05:01 UTC
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Imagine having family and loved ones to spend the holidays with. Ha ha ha yeah, who needs those anyways amirite Tried staying close to NA terms as much as possible (except Miss Atalante, fuck that one Aniplexism). Also >ohys etc, but this wasn't exactly well planned in advance, so. Happy new year to y'all. eta: waiting for a bluray rip to show up. ~~Gintama Final is in August and I'm too broke for anything else rip~~ Gintama Final canceled eta2: working on it, signs might take a bit. Thank god Osakabehime didn't say shit

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  • [GOLDEN] Fate Grand Carnival New Year's Eve Special 2020 [2218BFA4].mkv (244.1 MiB)
1st torrent of 2021 ?
type boomers btfo it's gochad time
huh, not bad, you think you could try subbing the 4 picture dramas from Code Geass Akito the Exiled?
how about Prisma Phantasm?
Thanks skiddiks
Thanks so much, Anon.
they killed Cu Chulainn you bastards
GOLDEN subs, thanks!
Excellent work guys, thanks! Where did this even drop?
This aired during the typical FGO new year's program, which is normally used for announcements, trailers and goofy anime things like this
Nice. Thank you. I needed something like this. Prisma☆Phantasm dropped around this time last year, correct? I wonder if this will become a yearly holiday thang? I love all the Type-Moon side jaunts.
This should be the first episode of Fate Grand Carnival Phantasm, they announced 2 seasons, airing in June
>GOshit no thanks
Marmotzel : they announced 2 ova not 2 seasons ^^'
@BoxDweller Oh hey I've got a joke. How can you tell when someone doesn't like FGO? Don't worry they'll tell you. Repeatedly. At every opportunity.
people who like GO should always be reminded of their sins
I really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing this magnificent piece fan-service for us FGO masters!
How the fuck did I not know about this?
1st "season" OVA is apparently out today, according to the the opening they posted yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKFvR7iDsQ8