[ggMumu] The King's Avatar S1 - Quanzhi Gaoshou - 全职高手 - 01 [WEB 1080p]

2021-01-01 03:46 UTC
Discord @bex39#9474
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916.4 MiB
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Source: [WEB-DL](https://nyaa.si/view/1181188) (Clean version without chinese hardsub) Video: x265 v3.4 10bit Yuuki Mod 1080p ```preset=slow, crf=18.0, tune=vcb-s``` Audio: AAC ~320kbps (Passthru) Subtitle: English Subs were ripped from WeTV (restyled, fix typos) without any modifications to translation. Filter: autodeblock, tweak, descale, denoise, contra sharpen, dering, deband, adaptive grain [https://slow.pics/c/Svvd8vnU](https://slow.pics/c/Svvd8vnU) This is can be regarded as v0, critic/suggestion/feedback are welcome.

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  • [ggMumu] The King's Avatar - 01 [WEB 1080p].mkv (916.4 MiB)
if you are encoding a WEB-DL, you should tag it as a WEB-Rip. i believe those are the meanings. WEB/WEB-DL for untouched streams. there's also the tag as a remake rule if you take a look at nyaa rules. btw I always wonder if ggMumu name was inspired from MuMu cartoon.
WEB is fine. WEBRip usually means the stream was captured from the source lossy like a video capture card.
Some people seem to push a lot of things as being "remake". I thought remake was like taking someone else's nyaa.si post and manipulating/ changing that .e.g. A mkv file changed to mp4 and putting your own name on the subsequent post . If you got the thing from the WEB no matter what you do to it , that should count as a clear post not a "remake".
@Computron WEBRip is used for both because if you encode WEB-DL, it's not WEB-DL anymore. WEB and WEB-DL mean the same thing, but I think using WEB here is fine.
Thanks for doing this!
@Father_Snrub, what you say is fine and all. the rules unfortunately don't address all scenarios. i only mentioned it for informative reasons, whether he chooses to abide by it is upto him. i was just going to mention the WEB thing because i found it misleading but based on past conversations felt it ok to give away more information. i don't care on an emotional level if a release is red/green/white but there is a search function here with filter and it also helps if browsing. him using filters to make a WEB better is fine, proper tagging only helps the searcher. just saying.

bex39 (uploader)

@sameer I already put some info at description for all of my release, so I think it doesn't matter if I use WEB/WEB-Rip. Ofc I had read those rules, about remakes is same since nyaa.eu/nyaa.se, and this thing about "original release" still make me bit confused (has multi-interpretation) which original release is encoded (BD/TV/WEB-Rip) or untouched from source (BDISO/BDMV/WEB-DL), as you know encode from encoded is reencode and the rule say "**Reencode** of original release." If I assume original release means untouched source then this release is not remake cause its encoded from untouched WEB-DL. I hope admin/moderator can explain what original release means in those rules, if admin/moderator confirm this release as remake/red entries I don't mind. :) For ggMumu, gg is from acronym from "good game" commonly used in online gaming, Mumu is nickname from Su Mucheng, actually it's inspired from GGMU song "Glory Glory Manchester United". :D
Nice... gonna replace other release of King's Avatar with your release... Already have 2nd season of your release... I hope that you'll upload the movie and sp too :)
finish it pls,i liked your s2

bex39 (uploader)

I will release a batch in the future
I hope you can finish season 1 at some point, your season 2 release was very good. Thanks for all you do!