On-gaku: Our Sound (English Subs) v1.1

2020-12-30 04:04 UTC
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These subs: https://nyaa.si/view/1317887 Timed to these raws: https://nyaa.si/view/1321301 (with corrections) Just the main film. No other TL or TS changes for now. There’s still room for improvement there, but I wanted a decent base out first. Feel free to use this as a base for edits and improvements ofc

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  • On-gaku Our Sound (English Subs) v1_1.ass (47.5 KiB)
waited for this, thx!
Glad to see these quick updates. Thanks again!
Thank you for catching so many typos! You're right, though, that these subs still desperately need both a TLC (call me a literalist, but I will never accept "spaghetti fist" as a translation for マカロニ拳法) and a decent editor (e.g. "Wait! I am still talking to you!"—what are contractions?) before they're ready for prime time. Since the movie has so little dialogue, depending on the subbers an original translation by someone competent might actually be faster...
Any chance of subtitles for "the making of ongaku"?
These subs are not perfect, a lot of simple background lines and repeated lines (which can be easily understood with context and a basic knowledge of the Japanese language) are skipped. But overall subs are pretty watchable. Good job!

Ares0 (uploader)

The raws have japanese subs that include all the lines the hardsubs didn't, so anyone coming by to do another round of TL can use that script instead of by ear. @Arai, not from me unfortunately, can't translate. Fingers crossed someone else picks it up though