[Lycan] Attack on Titan - The Movie - Part 1 [1080p][BD] (Audio JP, DE - Subs EN, DE)

2020-12-29 08:10 UTC
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>**Fast-forward 100 years. What remains of the human population now survives in relative peace behind massive walls erected in defence against the Titans. That peace is shattered when a Colossal Titan, measuring over 50 meters tall, smashes through the wall and allows a horde of other Titans to enter.** > >**Eren Yeager had resigned himself to a life confined behind these walls. “Nothing I do would make a difference”, he thought. But when he joins the ‘Outer Wall Restoration Team’ set up to fight against the Titans, he is reunited with Mikasa, a childhood friend. The new recruits embark on a mission to plug the gaping hole in the wall and stop the waves of titans once and for all. With humanity’s survival on the line, will there be a future for Eren and Mikasa, and for mankind itself?** Audio: Japanese, German Subtitles: English, German ![](https://i.imgur.com/CrA6D4M.jpg)

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