Hololive - Choco Voice packs and ASMR

2020-12-25 09:13 UTC
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  • choco.7z (1.1 GiB)
don't know why, it gives me error when trying to play the files. I can't even convert them
@frrobledo The files work perfectly fine for me. I'm personally guessing you just don't have a program that can properly play WAV files to begin with, but just to ask, what's the entire chain of programs leading up you trying to play the files? Actually, what do you even mean by trying to convert them, how are you even trying to do that if you can't play a wav file, and were you planning to make them MP3s or something? The process for me was just: qBittorrent > 7zip > foobar2000 Specifically I just downloaded the torrent file, loaded it into qBittorrent (and changing the name from just "choco" to the title here so I can search for it easier down the road and differentiate it from my other Choco related torrents), extracted the contents to my normal drive since I have qBit on a separate portable drive just for torrents, and then just opened them up in foobar2000 like any other audio files. And if I wanted to play them on my Android phone I'd just load them directly onto it and also just play the wav files as is on there. Though foobar2000 can also convert if you still really want, but don't wanna try a command line tool like ffmpeg, foobar has a nice UI for it, though you'll want to go into task manager and foobar2000's details, set affinity, and limit it to just one core because it still has this really impressive issue with multithreading where it thinks the file is already in use if more than one core tries to work on a file at the same time and fails to convert it.
aaaah, I don't know what happened before, but now it's working perfectly. @JackTheStripper I used iina (on mac) originally and it didn't worked. I also tried ffmpeg to reencode it into mp3, but it also gave errors. I tried again, redownloading it and using your programs and now it works well. It even works on iina again
my ears have been violated.