The Wonderful Adventures of Nils ニルスのふしぎな旅 (1980) E01

2020-12-20 02:38 UTC
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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson (1980) (ニルスのふしぎな旅, Nirusu no Fushigi na Tabi) BluRay Remux Source is from my BluRay disc, Discotek Media. Japanese audio, with English subtitle only. I used MakeMKV to rip the 2 discs, disc 1 size is 40.0GB, disc 2 is 17.7GB. I then used mkvtoolnix to cut each episodes manually but nothing has been changed or re-encode, everything is original as the BluRay, the reason why i had to cut each episodes is because MakeMKV does not rip each episodes but outputs 1 large file size of the exact BluRay. This will be on going for me, so i will upload each episodes 1 to 52, sometime soon, i don't know when i can upload the other episodes, it can be anytime, so just come back later and check. ![alt text]( "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1980) (ニルスのふしぎな旅)")

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  • The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1980) (ニルスのふしぎな旅) E01 BluRay Remux [glm8892].mkv (1.2 GiB)
Using Handbrake?
@kymophobia, No, I used MakeMKV to get an exact rip from the BluRay disc, this is a Remux BluRay, nothing has been changed or re-encoded at all. Are you referring to splitting each episodes with Handbrake? because than you would have to re-encode, i want to keep everything original, only way to do it that i know is by using mkvtoolnix cutting each episodes manually.
Nezumi-Raws is much better quality than that. If English subtitles is 29.97 -> 23.976, it will be compatible with Nezumi-Raws.
@Texto, I've never seen the quality, you can't even download the torrent as there is 0 completed downloads, it never finished, not even one user will share upload speed. There is no english subs at all on here, if so let me know where.
@glm8892, Nezumi Raws version I have too. Can you make the English subtitles of the Blu-ray version suitable for Nezumi-Raw?
@Texto, how did you download it? it's not even completed, no one is even sharing upload speed, I've tried to download it myself. Download episode 1 and see if you can make it work with the english subtitle.
@glmo892, It downloads very slowly. If you want, I'll upload it to a different location. Can you share with English subtitles?
Episode 1 fine.
@Texto, I don't know how to rip work with BluRay PGS subtitles, it's best download episode 1 and see if you can make it work with Nezumi version. Hopefully i will upload all 52 episodes on here, it will take awhile tho.
Subtitle Edit program, pgs-->ass or srt converted.[Tesseract 5.0.0]
It would be great if you shared Nezumi Raws with English subtitles.
@Texto, I don't have Nezumi version, I've tried to download it but no one is sharing to upload at all, i get stuck at 1.5%. Once i cut each episodes I'll look into the subtitles, it's going to take awhile.
@glm8892, I have the Nezumi version.
@Texto, can you share Nezumi version, i would like to see the quality, is it DVD rip?
You share-->480p[Not bluray, dvd rip] Nezumi-->768p[Dvd rip, better quality]
I'll upload it and share your link if you want.
@Texto, This version is SD on BD. Nezumi version has it been re-encode higher quality? Please upload, i would like to see the quality.
@Texto, don't comment your email on here it's not safe. Can't you upload it on here? or maybe upload a quick download link?
@Texto, I do not communicate outside nyaa, it's not safe.
I was about to delete. I'm uploading episode one to Mega.
ok Mega is better.
30-40 minute complete.!UEs2nYSJ!nesKUbF1xB62V1cylHtlV79UFXV8wTsb9EsUckYmUDg
@Texto, it is very clean no grain?, has it been re-encode and denoise?
@Texto, can you load the complete series i would like to see the series again but this version, it looks interesting, i can get all subtitles but it will take me awhile to do it. So this is the program i should use? (Subtitle Edit program, pgs–>ass or srt converted.[Tesseract 5.0.0])
I can upload, but it's gonna take a while. Can you do it with subtitles? YEAH!!
i can rip each episodes subtitles from the BluRay getting the srt or ass, and upload it instead. Did you try and see if the other episodes work sync properly with the subtitles on the BluRay version and Nezumi?
only episode one!! It will probably be compatible.
I will see if i can rip episode 2 subtitle. this is the program?
Yeah![Tesseract 5.0.0 install in program]
I've looked at Episode Two, and it looks compatible.
@Texto, i try to extract subtitles but nothing shows? open video file > save file to format .srt or .ass, i than load subtitles onto video nothing shows? Please tell me the steps how to do it.
Drag the video to the program.
@Texto, I did it, but the subtitle wordings are all messed up, it does not look like the BluRay subtitles, i think you need to manually check all spelling.
No, remove OCR autocorrect, and install Tesseract.
@Texto, i fixed it, i had to change some settings, it looks perfect! I removed, Fix OCR errors, Prompt for unknown words, Try to guess unknown words, Auto break paragraph if more than two lines. It work perfect, i have to see more if the subtitles are ok. Episode 1 is perfect!
You keep loading BD. Let me fix the subtitles. I'll finally throw you the subtitled Nezumi versions.
Download tesseract 5.0.0 and English Dictionary to have very few errors.
Is Nezumi or BD better?
@Texto, I got it working, i don't know which is better, i like both to be honest, the Nezumi is nice, but it looks very clean no grain and denoised, looks like a modern animation, whereas the BD has that classic grainy look.
Can you handle it?
@Texto, Do you want me to re-upload Nezumi version with the BluRay subtitles? Yeah, i can do it, but it might take along time, weeks to do. I'm only up to episode 7 i manually cut.
@glm8892, share both versions. Time is not important.
@Texto, I will continue my uploads with the BluRay Remux, but i can also re-upload Nezumi version with the BluRay subtitles all in one upload, but i need the video files, the file size is not big, it's only 20.7GB.
I'm going to upload it all to Mega slowly.
@Texto, that's my plan, i can share both versions, the BluRay Remux, and Nezumi, i will keep Nezumi version original, i will just add the BluRay subtitles with it, i can mux it with mkvtoolnix. How long will it take for you to upload on mega?
@Texto, take your time, as i have to manually cut each episodes also, it is a very slow process, I'm only up to episode 7.
Allright!! All episodes that-->!MAFRVYjb!RqERzfO5AKFHnu7wljXBHA
That's only episode 1? I've mux the subtitle on episode 1 already.
1 week-10 day!! I'll load it slowly.
@Texto, that's ok, i'm also not in a hurry to upload all episodes either. I might upload 1 or 2 episodes today.
Fine. See you.
see you later!
Imagine thinking Nezumi's heavily denoised upscaled garbage is any good... Nezumi is genuinely a worse encoder than Moozzi. @glm8892, You should just ignore everything Texto commented here, he has no clue what he's talking about.
@Tjorna, Nezumi version, it's a re-encode right, it's very clean and denoised. I personally like the BluRay SD version which i have, but it's also interesting to see the Nezumi version, it looks like a modern animation due to the upscale...
@glm8892, Yes, Nezumi is a encode, it has extremely strong and damaging filters ran on it and it's upscaled (which means it's not allowed on most trackers). Everything they touch is terrible.
@Tjorna How empty you talked, keep talking like this, you headless.
@Texto It might be slightly unfair to say what he did but I also firmly believe that the Nezumi raw is awful, it shouldn't even be looked at but if you're interested in it then fair enough lol.
@happyascanbe Did you look?
@Texto yes, I downloaded both
I think you all have a problem in your eyes. On what basis do you say the SD image is better?
Could you please upload the subtitle files separately?