Lupin III- The First (English Dub) [720p].mkv

2020-12-15 23:02 UTC
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When Professor Bresson, touted to be this century’s most established archaeologist passes away, he leaves behind the Bresson Diary, rumored to hold clues to the treasures of a lost civilization. When elusive Lupin III, grandson of the famous French thief, learns of this, he decides to snatch the sought-after diary to claim the lost treasures for himself and to redeem his grandfather’s name, who allegedly was not able to solve the Bresson diary… Befriending a young girl named Laetitia, who seems to also be after the diary, Lupin must outwit Professor Lambert and his shadowy secret society to solve the great mystery of Bresson Diary to prove to the world that he is the greatest thief in the world! Audio: English AC3 5.1

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  • Lupin III- The First (English Dub) [720p].mkv (1.0 GiB)
Any chance of getting a 1080P release?
the point is the audio. if you care about video quality, the BD has been out forever and you can just mux it with that.
Thanks for this. Is there a 2.0 audio track?
for those that care; the remux delay is 4676ms
@lupini73 you're the goat

Lupin the Nerd (uploader)

@WarriorDOS Yes, but give the source used since this was the only version with English 5.1, and would of had to download it over again to get it. The iTunes source only had Japanese 5.1 DD and English 2.0 AAC. The real blu-ray with both English and Japanese will be coming out soon.