[Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) [BD 1080p AAC]

2020-12-13 22:50 UTC
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400.8 MiB
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#mtbb@irc.rizon.net #animesenshi@irc.rizon.net https://asenshi.moe This release features two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and one with. To play tracks with honorifics by default, set the default subtitle track to “enm” in your player. Original Script: Wakanim (1, 3), Sentai Filmworks (2, 4) Translation Checking: Unbased Editing: motbob Timing: motbob Typesetting: motbob Encoding: joletb Quality Checking: joletb

File list

  • [Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) [BD 1080p AAC]
    • [Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) - 01 [BD 1080p AAC] [A6DD9E61].mkv (101.6 MiB)
    • [Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) - 02 [BD 1080p AAC] [B0743F63].mkv (109.4 MiB)
    • [Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) - 03 [BD 1080p AAC] [59DCE7E4].mkv (100.5 MiB)
    • [Asenshi-MTBB] Marulk's Daily Life (Made in Abyss) - 04 [BD 1080p AAC] [BA881B4F].mkv (89.2 MiB)
any plan for the coming season or movies? any hope for Violet Evergarden movie?
very based. thanks
Hello motbob, how's the progress with the In This Corner Director's Cut?
I left a comment on the movie 3 torrent but since I'm not sure those comments are still monitored, the "enm" track was incorrectly tagged and is just named "enm" while still using the regular "eng" language code as the default track. Also, there is some kind of bug with the duration which adds ~45 seconds onto the duration that doesn't exist (mpv will stop playback at the real end of the film with about 45 seconds of fake duration left). The first one I fixed on my local copy but I wasn't able to figure out how to fix the duration bug. I tried extracting everything and remuxing and it didn't change anything.
The audio track is longer than the video obviously, if that’s happening. And all you need to do is fix those language tags in MKVToolNix. > I wasn’t able to figure out how to fix the duration bug. You’d have to trim the audio with acsuite or some other software. Remuxing won’t change anything.
Yeah fixing the language code is easy I just thought to bring it up incase they wanted to make a patch. Is there a way to shorten the duration of the audio without re-encoding it? If not I'll just leave it alone since it isn't a big deal.
You could use **[ascuite](https://github.com/OrangeChannel/acsuite)** to losslessy trim the audio, but I wouldn’t bother with it. Not a major problem so a patch won’t happen either. Never knew of this issue though. Waiting for Kawaiika’s encode. Hopefully it doesn’t have the same issue with the audio.
Ok thanks. Yeah I was just wondering if it was something that could be quickly modified in the header editor or something.
I appreciate you !
Thanks for the release! just a question, what date this released? and which is this OVA added, the Movie or the first series?
Could you please make a dual audio version, the English version has the shorts included in the 3rd movie and they already have stylized sign mixed with the English sub, it can be extracted easily to make a dual audio version with sign subs and dialog subs, no one has made it yet, it would be greatly appreciated