[DameDesuYo] Shingeki no Kyojin (The Final Season) - 60 (1920x1080 10bit AAC) [41EE13AC].mkv

2020-12-13 03:56 UTC
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  • [DameDesuYo] Shingeki no Kyojin (The Final Season) - 60 (1920x1080 10bit AAC) [41EE13AC].mkv (927.4 MiB)
Whats the difference?
better video probably sub fixes too
What is the source of this better video?
who are you ? and what did you do to the old DDY ?
>What is the source of this better video? probably wakanim since that's the best source
getting raw from WEBDL or Japan TV for best video source?

DameDesuYo (uploader)

Japanese TV is typically one of the worst sources. This is a web source. We also added some updated KFX in this release. The v1 will have better video and any required subs fixes each week. Probably will be out sooner than this one was, though. The v0 will continue to be before official subs and be lower quality video/audio.
TYSM for your hard work :)
is this real life? double release pog
The karaoke during the second children part, specifically "to their very" is wrong: When the karaoke says "to" the singer actually says "to their" When the karaoke says "their" the singer is actually saying "ve"-"ry" But hey I really appreciate that you put this part in
@DameDesuYo Will v0 only be 25 min earlier than official subs like episode 1 or even earlier?
bruh ep1 v0 was many hours earlier
@thedevilshyper many hours before erai's release of the official subs, not many hours before official subs.itself.
@TheDevilsHyper v0 came out at 5:20 am JST Cruchyroll released episode at 5:45 am JST SubsPlease released at 5:50 am JST Erai-raws released at 6:05 am JST As you can see, v0 was not much earlier than CR, SubsPlease, and Erai-raws.
so v0 is from Japanese TV then, then Netflix is trash for long release lol
Waiting for episode 2
Good thing you didn't add the "Monster" in the OP. It was just a vocal without any meaning.
@ryukaiser v0 used Wakanim as the source. Wakanim released the episode at about 2:10 am JST I think..
@DameDesuYo Minor consistency error - 2:03 - The translator decided to use the spelling Fort Zlava 22:37 - Here the translator used the spelling Fort Slava v0 used the same spelling both times.
I didn't see any change in the sub. Everything is same as v0 except OP.
In the ED, the line before the last one, still has "ikiteru" at the end. I don't speak japanese, but where does she say that part? To me, it just sounds like a blank "ii" sound.
@Zahuczky it sounds like a drawn out _ru_. The line is 生きてる (keep on living). It's just got the る kana drawn out a little more, so in English it would be something like Keep on liv~iing.
@Glordit I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about the line before the last. 23:08-23:21 I think she doesn't say "ikiteru" in that line at all. Only in the very last line.
I see, my mistake. As far as I can tell (hear) the last few linesfron 23:08 to 23:21 are: Hone wa douse Suna to kashite kieru noni _(aaah~ hii~ii)_ Ikiteru The _hii_ and _ii_ I hear sounds like it's just the singer leading into ikiteru or it could be them complementing the background singers. That's just my opinion.
No v1 for 61 this time?