[Himawari] Boruto - 175 (1280x720 AAC) [1B5FB4CE].mkv

2020-11-27 08:01 UTC
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Enjoy the rocking engrish insert song in this one! Xirix : Editing, Typesetting, Timing, QC Smart Jason : Encoding ywai1659 : KFX arvon2 : Typesetting, QC

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  • [Himawari] Boruto - 175 (1280x720 AAC) [1B5FB4CE].mkv (509.6 MiB)
thanks again!
@Xirix any chances for 1-175 batch or xdcc with irc? @Jaidev got every their Boruto rls?

Xirix (uploader)

@ugabunga1 There's a gap, which will be worked on at some point, at the moment we're concentrating on the more recent episodes, and once I've got my stuff together we'll start putting a good amount of time into the older episodes. As for xdcc and irc, unless someone with good upload comes forward and wants to be our "official" distributor, my upload is far too bad to be uploading to people on IRC etc.
@Jaidev thanks for it, hopefully one time we will get BD raw we also receive subs files, even Kurama styled as before by nks/Xirix (dunno bout this encode mb it won't be ncsry as NS quality of Kurama was great. @Xirix Yeah 33-169 woah, didn't expect direct answer. My deepest gratitude for that (u working on it guarantee same quality as Kurama or even better thanks again for their styled subs btw.) & being for us all this time. Will support all my strength in any way possible! Any progress is appreciated no matter how long will it take - understandable. Without people like u, world would be dull. Stay healthy (buy Viregyt). Cheers! ps. Yeah I went to nks old irc, 1 guy left:D good upload u mean like fiber optic internet? it also must be protected somehow right, good location dunno. Maybe sooner donate it. Still, the job is done very well as for now:>>>>

Xirix (uploader)

@ugabunga1 Thanks for the kind words, those go a long way. :3 Trying my best to be productive. :) As for the upload thing, yeah, I have broadband, so I can download very fast, but my upload is terrible, I'm not going to ask for donations or anything either, but if someone with a seedbox etc wants to host our releases, that's naturally ideal.