[Project Z Scans] Kinnikuman: Scramble For The Throne Episode 10

2020-11-22 16:49 UTC
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Here's a scrubbed version of Episode 10 of Scramble for the Throne, originally by Saiko no Fansubs. This one had a major mistranslation. Instead of Terry saying that he can move again after Kinnikuman uses the Face Flash on him, he said he couldn't move. Obviously that line, as well as others with a ton of typos and awkward phrasing, has been checked for errors. Summary: Terryman's match against King the 100-Ton continues, and Kinnikuman has found Mariposa's flashcards for him! But 100-Ton has a little trick up his sleeve? Will Terry win? Or will he be squashed flat?

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Hello... Saiko here, are you interested in helping us reviewing english translation for our fansub? I do know fluent english even if it´s not my native language, however I am not able to review english subs that much, I just keep them as floatsubs so that other fansubs could use it as a baseline. I am not able to deeply review them mainly because of lack of time, I focus more on the spanish subtitles as that is my main audience. By the way,the translation from japanese to english is made by a japanese native guy nicknamed zeus777. We actually pay for the translation with the funds of our community donations... however if you are interested I will love to have more people involved in our project. I also saw we made it to kissanime, I am very surprised by this...