[Himawari] Boruto - 174 (1280x720 AAC) [7E570ALC].mkv

2020-11-22 09:30 UTC
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Xirix : Editing, Typesetting, Timing, QC Smart Jason : Encoding ywai1659 : KFX arvon2 : Typesetting, QC

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  • [Himawari] Boruto - 174 (1280x720 AAC) [7E570ALC].mkv (543.0 MiB)
thanks again!!
Thanks Any update on rest episodes of naruto

Xirix (uploader)

@Jaidev Soon™ Proper answer : I've been ill a lot lately and it's hurt my productivity, I did want it to be out by now, it'll definitely be out this year. I can promise that much.
Thanks for update, I will wait for your release. I have DB : 001-053 somuchmore : 054-084, 086-087 Taka : 085,088-352 Kurama : 353-385 Hatsuyuki : 386-409, 411-423, 427-431 WCP : 410 SOFCJ-kBaraka : 424-426, 458-459, 463, 469-479 nks : 432-450 NotWCP : 451-457, 460-462, 464-468 Himawari : 480-493 collected according to best sub release. If I missed anything or if you want to suggest me anything then please let me know.
@Jaidev: This one plans to work on Shippuuden as well: https://nyaa.si/user/darkfire68 He did the best release for the complete Naruto Part 1 anime I think.
@jcraw, has he used ANBU-AonE sub and/or other editing? For me "sub and edits" > "video quality" I have complete collection of Naruto (2002) released by ANBU-AonE fansub group and I think they are best. I have also 01-89 naruto episodes released by Yellow-Flash.
@Jaidev: darkfire's release is just a BD-rip with official subs. I have yellow flash's complete recut as well, but yeah... they switched to official dvd-subs as well from 90 onwards, so from episode 90 onwards there really might be nothing better than ANBU-AonE if “sub and edits” is more important to you