[ThiccThighs] Assault Lily - Bouquet - 07 [7D4C362C].mkv

2020-11-21 00:00 UTC
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Video source is [ASW]. Same type of changes as last time. If you have any suggestion for improvements or noticed an error, feel free to leave a comment.

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  • [ThiccThighs] Assault Lily - Bouquet - 07 [7D4C362C].mkv (237.6 MiB)
Your version is the best. I very much appreciate it! Thanks. Just FYI, there are some over keyframes timings = the ending time of line is after a keyframe. This disturbs the view the most.

darkdepths (uploader)

@mardok Thanks for the kind words. And yeah, I'm not surprised at that. Funi's timing isn't that great and, while I do try to fix it up, I'm not going to catch all of the lines that are a couple of frames over. Could you point out some that you noticed?
I know the Funi is shit :( and I even do not know why they are ruining it that much (not only this show). Example: 11, 12, 27 (before kf), 32 (both), etc. Some are more visible, some are only few frames. I usually use conveniently set Timing post-processor ~0.5s both and then correct wrong ones, where they actually speak over the keyframe. As you can see from the example frequency, this method would be probably quicker.

darkdepths (uploader)

Seems like Funi makes the subs continuous with a high threshold and calls it a day without any checks. I think I cut some lines too early in previous episodes causing flickering, so was trying to avoid doing that this episode. So there were some bleeds like 11 and 12 that I noticed but left as is, though there are others like 27 that I didn't notice. Guess I should be prioritizing having no bleeds instead of no flickering at the keyframes. Wasn't quite sure of that call, so thanks for the feedback.