Kamiki Ryunosuke Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 2020 SP

2020-11-20 15:48 UTC
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Story : Midnight Mirror Image There was a strange rumor in the mirror in the corridor of a hospital in Hokkaido. However, for some reason, the people around him did not try to touch the topic. One day, Naoya (Kamiki), who was admitted to this hospital, wanted to go to the bathroom at midnight and left the hospital room by himself. Story 1 "Detective's Note" Ito plays Kazuya Tanahashi, who has just started working as a detective. One day when the city is full of Halloween mood, Shinji Omori (Oomori Shinji / Masanobu Katsumura ) visits the credit bureau where Kazuya works. Omori is suffering from repeated harassment of his former lover, a "long-haired woman," and wants her to investigate her behavior. Kazuya takes turns with his boss, Mamoru Ichikawa (Mamoru Ichikawa / Kotaro Yoshida ), to start a stakeout investigation. After a few days without any progress, Omori complained that a woman had appeared. However, Kazuya is suspicious because the woman did not seem to go out that day. And on the last day of the investigation, Kazuya sees a woman and begins to follow in a hurry. Story 2 " "A Story That Made Akazu no Ma"" Aya Sasaki, the site director of a construction shop played by Kamishiraishi. Aya, who visited the hot spring area after being asked to renovate the banquet hall by a long-established inn, was handed a blueprint by the designer Munetsugu Kijima. It was a blueprint for a strange Japanese-style room with no doorway. Although Aya was suspicious, she started construction, but mysterious events happened one after another at the site. Story 3 "Karaoke Shop with Translation"

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