Dekai Manga Archive [Fall 2020]

2020-11-19 17:31 UTC
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### Dekai Manga Archive - Fall 2020 This is the first release of the Dekai Manga Archive [DMA] containing over 29k mangas. It includes every manga on MangaDex that has been translated into english (as of 23/09/2020) + some mangas from other sources, such as, and others. Please support this project by seeding as much and as long as you can. Keep in mind you do not need to download the complete archive in order to seed. Partially seeding only the mangas that you've downloaded is already a big help. Please also support your favourite manga websites so that they can keep the lights on and support the manga authors by buying the official releases when/if they are available in your country. ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Statistics** + Mangas_____: 29'143 + Chapters___: 491'557 + Images_____: 11'209'077 + Size_______: 5.1TiB / 5.5TB + Size compr.: 4.9TiB / 5.4TB + Last scrape: 23/09/2020 to 31/10/2020 + Last update: 02/11/2020 to 05/11/2020* * partial update of latest chapters & mangas ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Info:** - If you want to check the contents of the archive, just download the "--- README ---" folder. The following files are included: * Index.html - Website containing a list of all mangas (includes search & sort function) * Index.json - Same info as in the html file but formatted as json for easy parsing via scripts * File & Hashlist.txt - A list of every image, including MD5 hashes. Don't open this file if you don't now what you're doing, unless you want to set your PC on fire. I recommend to use the HTML website, as it is very userfriendly. Opening the HTML site will take 3-5 minutes because of it's size, during loading you may not see the sorting & search bar. Once loaded, you'll see a list of all manga titles, folders, chapters, last update timestamp, disk space and amount of files, and you can sort by any of them. (though sorting by size is a bit bugged) There is also a search bar for convenient searching. You can search by manga title, MangaDex ID or group name. - If you are looking for specific chapters of a manga and you want to check whether they are included in the archive, then just download the Info.txt file of the desired manga before downloading the zip archive. It contains a list of every chapter and every image included in the compressed zip file. - This torrent was tested with below torrent clients. I recommend to use a separate client for this torrent as it may make the client very sluggish and impact other torrent downloads. The only client not impressed by the size of this archive was Tixati (v2.76) on Windows. Please make sure you use an up-to-date client that supports 16MiB pieces. * Tixati v2.76 - Windows Version: Stable, great performance | Linux Version: Unstable, do not recommend * Transmission v3.00 - Win & macOS: Stable, interface a bit sluggish * qBittorrent v4.3.0.1 - Stable, but the interface is very sluggish * Deluge v2.0.3 - Unstable, but should work if you don't go to the files tab * rTorrent v0.9.6 - Unstable, may completely break rTorrent in some cases. ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Caveats:** - Mangas with unnecessary long titles (which are more of a sentence than a title...) have been shortened to something not ridiculous. Keep that in mind when searching for a manga. - Characters in manga titles or group names that are invalid in either Windows, macOS or Linux, have been replaced with other characters. " was replaced with apostrophe ' and the characters <, >, :, \, /, |, ? and * have been replace with an underscore _ or hyphen - . Leading dots have been encased in square brackets, i.e. [.]. So, ".hack//G.U.+" has become "[.]hack--G.U.+". This looks awkward but was necessary to ensure that everything is displayed correctly in every OS. - Occasionally, some chapters may have a volume identifier (i.e. "v1 c001") while others have not (i.e. "c002"). This makes sorting a bit weird. This stems from inconsistent information in the source material. [The sorting issue will be fixed in the next release, but will require you either re-download everything or use a script to re-name chapters] ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Known Issues:** - A list of known issues can be found in the README folder "--- README ---/Known Issues.txt" - Report issues here: - Solo Leveling: Unfortunately there are some duplicate chapters. It seems there was an issue with the renaming script. You can delete chapter folders that end with the number 2. ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Some additional Infos:** + 11 scrapers worked 24/7 for ~43 days to scrape all the mangas from MangaDex using their API + Heavily customized versions of the mangadex-dl ( python script from frozenpandaman was used to scrape MD + I will not be making these python scripts public as they are very customized for this specific task and contain too many hard-coded stuff to make it work for others. + A custom shell script was used to scrape + I currently maintain 4 copies of this torrent (2x compressed copies for seeding + 2 uncompressed copies), taking up ~21TB of space. + MangaDex adds about 70GB of english translated manga each month + MangaDex performance over 8.3M downloads: Avg. transfer: 527ms / Median transfer: 313ms / 1% lows: 4.69s / 95th percentile: 1.36s + 270 Mangadex@Home servers were queried during scraping. ** I plan on seeding this torrent until this archive is superseeded by a new version. Please help keeping this torrent alive by seeding as much and for as long as you can.

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