[WAVE] Sukeban Deka - 01 (WEB x264 EAC3) [4E3DDC96]

2020-11-13 14:04 UTC
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First episode of the live action Sukeban Deka TV series, with styled softsubs Had this lying around for a while, decided to work on it again I had reached out to SkewedS for the original softsubs but they lost them in a hard drive failure Trimmed black screen at beginning and end Audio losslessly cut with acsuite Translation is taroroot@D-Addicts's with SkewedS edits + some of my own minor edits Dialogue styling to match Skewed Studios Medium effort typesetting Redone timing This source has a slight green tint, I don't know how to deal with it so I left it Lazy edgefixing, it's not good-tier but still better than all encodes out there Deblock, deband, dehalo (still some halos left) Thanks to Jinsol for ripping from Amazon Thanks to mutsuto for the title typesetting Thanks to friend and Motxi for some sign translations Don't know if I'll do more episodes, better to assume I won't Feel free to steal any part of this release Please let me know if a better source gets ripped **DDL:** https://i.lolisare.life/Xl5fq.mkv **Standalone subs + fonts:** https://i.lolisare.life/PVYNb.zip

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  • [WAVE] Sukeban Deka - 01 (WEB x264 EAC3) [4E3DDC96].mkv (291.8 MiB)
Thanks, Which season is this? The first?

wave (uploader)

Yup, the first season.
The japanese seems to love green tint.. or not be bothered with. So many DVD of old movies with green tint.