DR_SLUMP_ARALE_HOYOYO_04 (DVD Video_TS) (Dr. Slump and Arale-chan Box Set 2, Disc 04)

2020-11-13 05:38 UTC
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7.3 GiB
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https://shiteatersubs2.wordpress.com/ Dear friends of shiteatersubs, I have very slow upload speed, so this disc will probably take 48 hours to fully seed. Please help seed until our encoder Nanto can grab this, and possibly someone can upload this rar to ulozto for me as well, I've been having a hard time uploading large files such as this to the site lately, so I figured I would try to torrent the remaining discs. This is the first time the 2nd Dr. Slump and Arale-chan box set has been uploaded in untouched DVD rips to the internet. There are two Dr. Slump and Arale-chan box sets with 44 discs in all, that's 22 discs per set. The 1st box set (N'cha Set) has 20 discs with 6 episodes a disc (eps. 1-120) and 2 special discs that include the early specials. The 2nd box set (Hoyoyo Set) has 21 discs with 6 episodes a disc (eps. 121-243END) and 1 special disc that includes the later specials. So far, all 22 discs of the 1st box set have been uploaded to ulozto, you can find them here: https://ulozto.net/hledej?q=ncha+rar Also, the special disc and discs 1-3 of the 2nd box set have been uploaded to ulozto as well: https://ulozto.net/hledej?q=hoyoyo+rar So with this disc 04, I have only 18 discs left to upload, so please help me seed these, and they will take a while to fully seed on my end, just a warning, but I do need them all to be on ulozto so everyone can easily grab them, but most importantly, our QCer Nanto needs them to use for encoding our subbed episodes. Please help if you can. Thanks so much and happy downloading!

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  • DR_SLUMP_ARALE_HOYOYO_04.rar (7.3 GiB)

shiteaterbubibinman (uploader)

Update: Mm from discord has agreed to upload these discs to ulozto for me once they finish seeding, so thanks to him for that.